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Djokovic and Tunisia’s Ons Jabeur qualified for the third round

تأهل جوكوفيتش وأنس جابر إلى الدور الثالث من بطولة فرنسا


Serbian Novak Djokovic, Swiss Roger Federer, Tunisian Ons Jabeur and defending Polish champion Iga Švientek reached the third round of the “Roland Garros” tennis tournament, the second of the four Grand Slams, while Australian world number one Ashleigh Barty was forced to withdraw from the second round due to injury. .

Serbian Novak Djokovic, Swiss Roger Federer, Tunisian Anas Jabeur and defending champion Iga Šviontik qualified for the third round of the “Serbian Championship”Roland GarrosThe French tennis player, while the world number one, Australian Ashleigh Barty, was forced to withdraw due to injury.

Barty, who won the championship in her last visit to Roland Garros in 2019, left the field at the end of the first set, which she lost 1-6 to Poland’s Magda Linnet in order to receive treatment, before she had to withdraw after the fourth game of the second set when the result was 2-2 due to an injury to the left upper thigh.

“It’s heartbreaking,” Barty, 25, said, explaining that she had suffered the “new” injury in training last week.

“The last three months have been fantastic, with very few setbacks, and what happened today and this week here in Paris is not going to remove that.”

“It’s really disappointing to end like this. I’ve had my fair share of tears this week. Everything is fine. Everything happens for a reason,” she said, noting that “there will be a silver lining to this in the end. Once I find out What it is, it will make me feel a little better.”

It is the first time that Barty has been eliminated early in a Grand Slam since her exit from the second round of the French Championship in 2018.

Djokovic crosses easily

Djokovic, the 2016 champion, had no difficulty overcoming Uruguayan Pablo Cuevas, ranked 92nd in the world, 6-3, 6-2, 6-4 in the first match that brought them together.

The runner-up said four times, most recently last year, “Pablo is a clay court player who has strength in the front and back kicks, but I remained focused. The third set was difficult because he raised his level, but I remained focused and raised the level of my service and I am really happy.”

“It is important that I stay present and think only of the next opponent, I feel good on the court and play with confidence, serve and shoot well. I think the preparations were good for Roland Garros so I hope to go far in this tournament.”

Federer beats Cilic again

Federer, the defending champion in 2009, reached the third round for the 16th time at Roland Garros, defeating Croatian world number 47 Marin Cilic 6-2, 2-6, 7-6 (7/4), 6-2 in two hours and 35 minutes.

And the Swiss renewed his victory over his opponent for the tenth time in 11 meetings that brought them together, as the former world number three achieved his only victory over Federer in the semi-finals of the US Open in 2014 when he went and achieved the title.

“It was a very good match and I was a little surprised myself, I didn’t think I would play like this for this period against Marin,” said Federer, who is participating at Roland Garros for only the second time in the last six years and the first since his semi-final exit in 2019. The draw gave me the confidence that I still had energy and something to give.”

The 39-year-old, who is participating for the first time in a Grand Slam since the Australian Open 2020, added, “I was clear in my shots and I run more forward, not backward… It is good to play in such conditions and against an opponent like him.”

The other prominent men who qualified for the third round were Argentine Diego Schwarzman, Russian Aslan Karatsev, Italian Matteo Berrettini and his compatriot Yannick Sener.

Shivontik crosses and Jaber takes revenge

Chviontik, the defending champion and ranked ninth in the world, reached the third round with an easy victory over Sweden’s Rebecca Peterson 6-1, 6-1 in an hour and a minute.

The twenty-year-old presents distinguished levels on clay courts, as she won in mid-May her second most important title in her young career, in the Rome tournament, one of the 1,000 women’s tournaments according to the new system, after her overwhelming victory over the Czech Karolina Pliskova 6-0, 6-0. Zero in the final.

Next, she will meet with Estonian Anett Kontaveit (32) who beat French Kristina Mlaidenovic 6-2, 6-0.

and avenged Anas Jaber The world number 26 from Australia’s Astra Sharma, who beat her 6-2, 6-4. Sharma had deprived the Tunisian of winning the first title in her professional career when she beat her 2-6, 7-5, 6-1 in the final of the Charleston US Open on April 18.

At the time, Jaber, 26, played the second final of her professional career, after she failed in the first attempt in the 2018 Moscow final, when she fell to Russian Daria Kasatkina.

It is the third time that Jaber has reached the third round of Roland Garros after the first in 2017 in her first participation and lost to Swiss Timea Baccinski, and the second last year when she was eliminated from the final price at the hands of American Daniel Collins.


باريس: تأهل الاسباني رافايل نادال (حامل اللقب) إلى دور الـ16 من بطولة فرنسا المفتوحة للتنس (رولان غاروس)، بعد فوزه يوم الأمس على البريطاني كاميرون نوري بثلاث مجموعات دون مقابل بواقع 6-3، و6-3، و6-3 في الدور الثالث.

وسيواجه نادال في الدور المقبل الايطالي يانيك سينر الفائز على السويدي ميكايل ايمر بثلاث مجموعات دون مقابل بواقع 6-1، و7-5، و6-3.

كما تأهل الصربي نوفاك جوكوفيتش (المصنف أول عالميا) إلى دور الـ16 للبطولة بتغلبه اليوم على الليتواني ريكارداس بيرانكيس بثلاث مجموعات دون مقابل بواقع 6-1 و6-4 و6-1 في الدور الثالث.

وضرب جوكوفيتش، حامل لقب رولان غاروس 2016، موعدا في الدور المقبل مع الإيطالي لورنتسو موزيتي الفائز على مواطنه ماركو سيكتشيناتو بثلاث مجموعات مقابل مجموعتين بواقع 3 -6 و6 -4 و6 -3 و3 -6 و6 -3.

وبلغ الأرجنتيني دييغو شفارتسمان دور الـ16، بعد فوزه على الألماني فيليب كولشرايبر بثلاث مجموعات دون مقابل بواقع 6-4 و6-2 و6-1.

ويلتقي شفارتسمان الذي بلغ نصف نهائي النسخة الأخيرة، مع الألماني الآخر يان-لينارد شتروف الفائز على الإسباني كارلوس ألكاراس بثلاث مجموعات دون رد بواقع 6-4 و7-6 و6-2.

ولدى السيدات، تأهلت التونسية أنس جابر لدور الـ16 بفوزها على البولندية مايدا لينيتي بمجموعتين مقابل مجموعة واحدة بواقع 3 -6 و6 -صفر و6 -1.

وضربت موعدا في الدور المقبل مع الامريكية كوكو غوف التي تأهلت بعد انسحاب مواطنتها جينيفير برايدي عندما كانت الاولى متقدمة بنتيجة 6-1.

كما بلغت البولندية إيجا سواتيك (حاملة اللقب) دور الـ16 بفوزها على الاستونية انيت كونتافيت بمجموعتين دون رد بواقع 7- 6 و6 -صفر.

وتلتقي سواتيك في الدور المقبل مع الأوكرانية مارتا كوستيوك التي تغلبت على الروسية فارفارا جراتشيفا بمجموعتين دون رد بواقع 6 -1 و6 -2.

وودعت الأوكرانية يلينا سفيتولينا البطولة من الدور الثالث بخسارتها أمام التشيكية بربورا كريتشيكوفا بمجموعتين دون رد بواقع 3 -6 و2 -6.

وصعدت الأمريكية صوفيا كينن (المصنفة الرابعة عالميا) إلى دور الـ16 بفوزها اليوم على مواطنتها جيسيكا بيجولا بمجموعتين مقابل مجموعة واحدة بواقع 4 -6 و6 -1 و6- 4 في الدور الثالث.

وتغلبت اليونانية ماريا ساكاري على البلجيكية اليسي ميرتنز بثلاث مجموعات دون رد بواقع 7- 5 و6 -7 و6 -2.

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