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Osaka withdraws from French Open following row over media boycott

اليابانية “أوساكا” تنسحب من بطولة فرنسا المفتوحة للتنس


PARIS – Japan’s Naomi Osaka stunned the French Open on Monday when she announced she was withdrawing from the tournament in the wake of her decision to boycott post-match media duties, explaining she had been suffering from depression for almost three years.

Osaka said in the build-up to the tournament that she would not attend the obligatory press conferences, citing that the way journalists quiz players adversely impacts her mental well-being.

The four-time Grand Slam champion made good on her threat on Sunday when, after winning her first round match, she did not hold a press conference.

She was fined $15,000 by the Roland Garros referee and Grand Slam organisers later issued a statement warning of possible expulsion from the French Open and future majors if she fails to change her stance.

On Monday, the world number two decided to take matters into her own hands to end the stand-off.

“This isn’t a situation I ever imagined or intended when I posted a few days ago,” the 23-year-old Osaka said on Twitter.

“I think now the best thing for the tournament, the other players and my well-being is that I withdraw so that everyone can get back to focusing on the tennis going on in Paris.

“I never wanted to be a distraction and I accept that my timing was not ideal and my message could have been clearer.”

Osaka, one of the biggest name’s in women’s sport, went on to say she had suffered from depression since 2018.

“The truth is that I have suffered long bouts of depression since the U.S. Open in 2018 and I have had a really hard time coping with that,” she said.

“Anyone that knows me knows I’m introverted, and anyone that has seen me at the tournaments will notice that I’m often wearing headphones as that helps dull my social anxiety.”

After beating Serena Williams to claim her first major at the 2018 U.S. Open, Osaka was booed by the crowd during the presentation ceremony as her victory was overshadowed by the American’s outburst following a row with the umpire.

Osaka said that since then, she has struggled with being in the spotlight.

There was no immediate response from tournament organisers.

Osaka added that she later wanted to meet the sport’s organisers to improve the system.

“I wrote privately to the tournament apologising and saying that I would be more than happy to speak with them after the tournament as the slams are intense,” Osaka said.

“I’m gonna take some time away from the court now, but when the time is right I really want to work with the Tour to discuss ways we can make things better for the players, press and fans.”


باريس: أعلنت اليابانية نعومي أوساكا انسحابها من بطولة فرنسا المفتوحة للتنس، في أعقاب قرارها بمقاطعة الالتزامات الإعلامية بعد المباريات.

وقالت أوساكا، المصنفة الثانية عالميا (23 عاما) خلال الاستعداد للبطولة، إنها لن تواجه الصحافة في فرنسا، معتبرة أن طرق الصحفيين في توجيه الأسئلة تؤثر “سلبا” على صحتها الذهنية.

ونفذت اللاعبة الفائزة بأربعة ألقاب في البطولات الأربع الكبرى تهديدها أول أمس /الأحد/ عقب فوزها في مباراة الدور الأول بعدم حضور المؤتمر الصحفي.

وعوقبت أوساكا بغرامة قيمتها 15 ألف دولار أمريكي من منظمي البطولة وأصدروا بيانا حذروا فيه من إبعادها من البطولة ومن بطولات كبرى في المستقبل إذا لم تغير موقفها… وقد هددت الرابطة العالمية للاعبات التنس المحترفات بمزيد من العقوبات بحق اللاعبة اليابانية، مع إمكانية إيقافها.

وكتبت أوساكا التي استندت إلى أسباب تتعلق بـ”الصحة الذهنية”، عبر حسابها على /تويتر/، تقول “هذا وضع لم أقصده ولم أتخيله حينما تحدثت قبل عدة أيام.. أعتقد أنه الآن أفضل شيء للبطولة واللاعبين الأخرين ولسلامتي أن انسحب حتى يعود الجميع للتركيز على منافسات التنس الجارية في باريس”، مشيرة إلى أنها تعرضت لنوبات من الاكتئاب منذ فوزها بأول ألقابها في بطولات الجراند سلام الأربع الكبرى من خلال بطولة أمريكا المفتوحة عام 2018.

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