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QC seeks to benefit 1.6 million around the world in Ramadan

قطر الخيرية تفطر 1.6 مليون صائم حول العالم

  • 600,000 people are expected to benefit Qatar Charity’s Ramadan drive in Qatar at an estimated cost of 111 million Qatari riyals.
  • Qatar Charity seeks to benefit 1.6 million people in 32 countries at an estimated cost of nearly 57 million Qatari Riyals.
  • The drive aims to deliver aid to 552,000 refugees, IDPs, and those affected by the crises at an estimated cost of nearly 27 million Qatari riyals.

Qatar Charity (QC) launched the “Ramadan of Hope” campaign for the month of Ramadan 1442 AH (2021), aiming to benefit 2.2 million people in 33 countries, including Qatar, with the target value of nearly QR168 million.

On this occasion, Qatar Charity thanked the benefactors, both citizens and residents, for supporting its projects throughout the year, and for their generous contributions to its previous Ramadan campaigns. It has also urged them to support the ‘Ramadan of Hope’ campaign for this year to reach the target beneficiaries such as the underprivileged, the displaced, and refugees, across the globe.

Qatar Charity stated that it had chosen ‘Give the Gift of Hope’ as a slogan for its current Ramadan drive to encourage the kind-hearted and benevolent people in the month of compassion and solidarity to contribute to creating hope for the poor and the needy, and bringing about a change in their lives.

As the world will welcome the blessed month of Ramadan for the second time in a raw amid the continued coronavirus pandemic, Qatar charity has affirmed its keenness to take precautionary measures while implementing its seasonal projects to maintain public safety.

Qatar Charity has indicated that it will distribute food packages and Iftar meals individually to the beneficiaries, using cars, and it has also facilitated the online donation process through its website, app, and other digital tools.

The main three projects of the Ramadan campaign are the distribution of Zakat al-Fitr, the provision of Eid clothes, and ‘Feed the Fasting, which includes delivering food baskets and meals.

The campaign aims to deliver social aid worth more than 100 million Qatar riyals in Qatar, and impellent community program remotely. It also includes many media programs produced by Qatar Charity and broadcasted in cooperation with Qatari media and through their social media accounts.

The ‘Ramadan of Hope’ was launched in a press conference, which was attended by Mr. ‎Faisal bin Rashid Al-Fuhaida, CEO Assistant for the Program and Community ‎Development Sector of Qatar Charity, Mr. Ahmed Al-Rumaihi, Director of Emergency ‎and Relief Department, Mr. Abdul Aziz Jassim Hajji, Director of Marketing and Digital ‎Growth Department, and Mr. Ahmed Saleh Al-Ali, Director of the Media Department.‎

Ramadan Projects in Qatar  

The projects under the “Ramadan of Hope’ campaign is expected to benefit nearly 600,000 people in debt, low-income families, workers and expatriates, in Qatar at an estimated cost of 111 million Qatari riyals. These projects are as follows:

Feed the Fasting

This project includes Mobile Iftar for Workers, Mobile Iftar, and Ramadan Supply.

Mobile Iftar for Workers: It includes food baskets and ready-to-meals for 456,000 beneficiaries at an estimated cost of 6 million Qatari riyals.

Mobile Iftar: It includes Iftar snacks for those waiting at traffic lights and some other places and unable to reach home before the Adhaan of Magribh. Mobile Iftar is expected to benefit 48,000 people, at an estimated cost of more than 666,000 Qatari riyals.

Ramadan Supply: It aims to meet the Ramadan needs of the families of orphans, low-income families, and widows through the distribution of coupons to them. It is expected to benefit 20,000 people, at an estimated cost of approximately 2.4 million Qatari riyals.

Qatar Charity has been keen to seek the assistance of many Qatari productive families to provide ready-to- eat meals to families with limited income within the framework of the ‘From Home to Home’ project, in coordination with the Ministry of Administrative Development, Labor and Social Affairs.

Zakat Al-Fitr

This project is to support families with limited income, and is expected to benefit 55,000 people, at an estimated cost of more than 816,000 Qatari riyals.

Eid Clothing

This project is to benefit children from low-income families, and expected to benefit 450 children at an estimated cost of more than 168,000 Qatari riyals.

Eid Gift for Orphans

An amount of money is provided, as a gift, to orphans sponsored by Qatar Charity to share the joy of Eid with them. Some 450 children are expected to receive the Eid gifts worth 168,000 Qatari riyals.

Assistance in Qatar

The assistance is to be provided to those in debt and their families to help them overcome their financial problems and preserve family cohesion, in addition to providing assistance to the families affected by the coronavirus pandemic. Qatar Charity hopes to provide aid worth QR100 million to these sections of society, with the support of donors in Qatar.

Community Programs

  In the blessed month of Ramadan, Qatar Charity will implement a set of awareness and heritage projects, and support voluntary initiatives and community solidarity. The most important ones are “Initiatives’ Challenge 2”, which is a competition between several youth initiatives to promote humanitarian projects innovatively, “%5”, which aims to strengthen social solidarity and support the students and families affected by the coronavirus pandemic, and “Eid Gifts”, which are provided to the sick and the elderly on Eid Al Fitr, in addition to other story-telling events for children and families.

Ramadan Projects outside Qatar

Qatar Charity, through its field offices and partners, aims to implement three Ramadan projects, which are ‘Feed the Fasting’, Zakat Al Fitr, and Eid Clothing, in 32 countries of the world. Qatar Charity also intends to distribute food aid to the displaced, refugees, and the needy in disaster and crisis-hit areas. Qatar Charity, with the support of donors in Qatar, seeks to benefit 1.6 million people from these projects at an estimated cost of 56.7 million Qatari Riyals.

Feed the Fasting

The “Feed the Fasting” project includes the distribution of ready-to-eat Iftar meals and food baskets that contain essential foodstuffs for a family for the month of Ramadan. It seeks to benefit 539,590 people at an expected cost of 22.2 million Qatari Riyals.

Zakat Al-Fitr

The distribution of Zakat al-Fitr aims to reduce the financial burden on needy families and share they joy of Eid with them. Some 456,700 people are expected to benefit from the project at an anticipated cost of 5.9 million Qatari riyals.

Eid Clothing

This project provides clothes to orphans to share the joy of Eid with them. Some 4,390 children are expected to benefit from the project, at an estimated cost of more than 878,000 Qatari riyals.

Relief Aid to Crisis-Hit Areas

Refugees, the displaced, and the poor are expected to benefit from the relief aid in 25 countries, especially in Syria and neighboring countries, Yemen, Somalia, and Palestine,

The assistance will include the distribution of food baskets, in addition to operating bakeries in some countries like northern Syria to provide bread for free. Some 552,000 people are expected to benefit from the aid at an estimated cost of nearly 26.8 million Qatari riyals.

Media Programs

Qatar Charity has produced, as usual, many television, radio, and YouTube programs like ‘Charity in Focus’ in English, which will be aired by Qatar Radio. The Arabic TV programs will be broadcasted by Al-Rayyan TV and Qatar TV, while radio programs for Arabic speakers will be aired by Al Quran Al Kareem Radio and Sout Al-Khaleej Radio. Qatar Charity will broadcast many programs through YouTube during Ramadan.

Qatar Charity thanked the media and media persons for their continuous cooperation in support of its humanitarian projects.

How to Donate

Donors can calculate and pay their Zakat for Qatar Charity’s Ramadan campaign and relief and development projects through its websites and app, which are as follows:

Qatar Charity’s Website: www.qcharity.org

Qatar Charity’s App: www.qch.qa/app

Zakaty Website: www.qch.qa/Zakaty

Donors can also contact a Zakat expert through the email (rmojahed@qcharity.org) as well as through phone numbers (55035744، 44290152)

The Zakat expert responds to Zakat-related questions and calculates Zakat for individuals, companies, professionals, self-employed and property owners, etc.

Upon the request of a donor, Qatar Charity provides a home collector to calculate and receive Zakat and donations. The home collector can be requested through its app (qch.qa/APP) and by dialing 44667711.

Donations can also be made at Qatar Charity’s headquarters, 26 branches, and collection points across the country.

شرعت قطر الخيرية في تنفيذ مشروع إفطار الصائم في إطار حملة رمضان للعام 1442هـ «رمضان الأمل» منذ الأيام الأولى للشهر الكريم عبر مكاتبها الميدانية وشركائها في 33 دولة عبر العالم، بما فيها قطر، وذلك بدعم من أهل الخير في قطر.

وتقدم قطر الخيرية الإفطارات على شكل سلال غذائية ووجبات إفطار جاهزة، حيث تستهدف هذه المشاريع بدعم الخيّرين الوصول إلى 1.6 مليون شخص خارج قطر بتكلفة يتوقع أن تصل إلى 56.7 مليون ريال.

ففي تركيا، بدأت قطر الخيرية مع أول يوم من أيام الشهر الفضيل بالتعاون مع البلديات في توزيع وجبات «إفطار الصائم» على كلٍ من اللاجئين السوريين والعوائل التركية من ذوي الدخل المحدود وأسر الأيتام المكفولين لدى قطر الخيرية والأرامل في 4 ولايات تركية، هي غازي عنتاب، كليس، شانلي أورفا، واسكودار في ولاية إسطنبول. وتهدف قطر الخيرية إلى توزيع ما يزيد على 90 ألف وجبة إفطار ليستفيد منها نحو 18.000 عائلة.

ومن خلال مكتبها في تركيا أيضًا، باشرت قطر الخيرية توزيع نحو 3.157 سلة غذائية على النازحين في مخيمات سلقين وحارم في ريف إدلب شمال سوريا، حيث تكفي السلة الغذائية الأسرة لمدة شهر كامل، لتأمين احتياجاتهم الأساسية من الغذاء طيلة شهر رمضان المبارك.

وقال السيد محمد عثمان، مدير مخيم بليون في ريف إدلب: «نحن أهالي مخيم بليون، مضى على نزوحنا من قريتنا حوالي سنة ونصف السنة، ومنذ ذلك اليوم وحتى اللحظة لم تصل المخيم أية مساعدات غذائية أو غير غذائية من أية جهة كانت، كما كان لجائحة كورونا الأثر الكبير على الوضع المادي لأهالي المخيم نتيجة قلة فرص العمل».

وأضاف: «مع اقتراب شهر رمضان، كانت الخيام في المُخيم تكاد تخلو من أي نوع من أنواع الأغذية، ومع بداية الشهر الكريم، سخّر لنا الله أهل الخير في قطر جزاهم الله خيرًا، واستلمت العوائل في المُخيم سلال غذائية تكفي حاجتهم».

5500 أسرة فقيرة تستفيد من وجبات إفطار الصائم في فلسطين

توزيع 8 آلاف طرد غذائي للأيتام والمُعاقين في قطاع غزة

وعلى صعيد مُتصل، قام فريق قطر الخيرية الميداني في جمهورية قرغيزيا منذ مطلع الشهر الكريم بتوزيع 18.060 وجبة غذائية على الأسر الفقيرة وأسر الأيتام والمُعاقين في كل منطقة تشوي – نارين – باتكين – جلال آباد. كما شمل توزيع إفطار الصائم الأطباء المُناوبين في المشافي المُغلقة المُخصّصة للمُصابين بفيروس كورونا، وبعض العاملين في المستشفيات الميدانية وعمّال النظافة المناوبين، وذلك بالتنسيق مع وزارة التنمية الاجتماعية والسلطات المحلية والبلديات.

وفي فلسطين، بدأت قطر الخيرية بتوزيع إفطار الصائم في قطاع غزة على 5500 أسرة فقيرة مكفولة ضمن برنامج الرعاية الاجتماعية. ومن المُتوقع أن يتم توزيع 8 آلاف طرد غذائي آخر لفئة الأيتام والمُعاقين وبعض الأسر الفقيرة، ويشمل التوزيع 8 مُحافظات على مستوى قطاع غزة.

ولا تزال حملة «رمضان الأمل» تنتظر دعم أهل العطاء لتصل إلى أكبر عدد ممكن من الشرائح المُستهدفة، حيث يمكن التبرّع من خلال موقع قطر الخيرية www.qcharity.org وتطبيقها www.qch.qa/‏app أو من خلال الاتصال بمركز الاتصال على الرقم: 44667711 كما يمكن التبرع من خلال المقر الرئيس وفروع قطر الخيرية.

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