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Mall of Qatar welcomes the Holy Month with a delightful decoration, bundles of promotions, and competitions


  • A variety of cooking specialties from international cuisines presented by a hand pick of local and international chefs.
  • A weekly social media competition to win a home-delivered Iftar
  • Various health and general information about the holy month


Doha, Qatar – 13 April 2021: Mall of Qatar, the favorite destination for shopping and dining in Qatar, welcomes the month of Ramadan with a holly and fascinating theme to let customers and visitors experience Ramadan traditions and enjoy their shopping in a safe and comfortable atmosphere.

The mall has been decorated with an elegant and unique illuminated crystal decoration, which reflects the essence of the holy month. The glamorous chandeliers reflect the essence of Ramadan and its traditional decorations in an innovative way in the main Oasis Square, various corridors of the mall, and its inner courtyards to get the mall  visitors into the spirit of Ramadan with an exciting shopping experience to benefit from the various offers made by many stores.

“For the occasion of the holy month, we would like to extend our congratulations and praises to Qatar, its leadership, government and people, and to the entire population of Qatar. We are pleased to celebrate this month with everyone in a unique atmosphere and innovative one-of-a-kind Ramadan decoration with various programs that meet the aspiration of the mall visitors. This comes within our social responsibility programs to participate with Qatar citizens on different occasions and to offer them a safe and comfortable shopping experience, while continue implementing a high level of precautional measures.” Said Emile Sarkis, Mall of Qatar General Manager

Besides, the mall offers many programs on its social media pages, including new “Cook with Us” series of innovative recipes from a wide selection of International, local, eastern, and western cuisines presented by a hand-pick of local and international chefs. The recipes are presented in an easy way to help homemakers to set up a special table filled with diverse dishes.

In addition, the Mall offers a range of health guidelines to be followed during fasting and after breaking the fast to help people maintain their health, agility and enjoy a healthy lifestyle. Besides, there will be regular posts and educational information on the holy month of Ramadan, the principles of fasting, and its spiritual goals, which improve the culture of fasting among young and adults.

The Mall of Qatar offers its social media followers a great chance to win a special Iftar from one of its leading restaurants with special home delivery when they win the weekly competition. Upon answering the weekly question, candidates will enter the draw and have the chance to win and enjoy a delicious iftar for themselves and their family.  Everyone can participate in the competition by simply following the Mall of Qatar’s Social media pages and answer the weekly question.

In adherence to the precautionary measures announced by the Government relating to COVID-19 induced restrictions, Mall of Qatar continues its safety procedures to support the government effort and maintain the health of the community. All restaurants and cafes within the Mall carry on their takeaway and delivery services. Customers can also order online to get their items and orders delivered to their homes quickly and safely.

Mall of Qatar, the Nation’s Mall, strictly follows the precautionary measures necessary to maintain the visitor’s safety, including the continuous sanitation of all the Mall premises. The Mall encourages all visitors always to follow the preventive procedures, wear masks properly all the time and maintain social distance for a safe shopping experience.

Mall of Qatar welcomes the Holy Month with a delightful decoration, bundles of promotions, and competitions
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