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Our consulate in Istanbul explains the procedures on how can the citizens obtain a Coronavirus-free report from Hospitals in Turkey

قنصليتنا في اسطنبول توضح إجراءات استصدار المواطنين تقرير خلو كورونا من مستشفيات تركيا

Al-Sharq – WGOQatar – Doha:

The Consulate General of The State of Qatar in Istanbul, Turkey, has announced measures to be taken to obtain a report of Coronavirus-free from Turkish hospitals.

The Consulate General said in a statement on its Twitter account that “referring to the circular of the Ministry of Public Health concerning the need for citizens to obtain a report of Coronavirus-free from sister Republic of Turkey mentioned earlier, the Consulate General draws the attention of the esteemed citizens that they need to do the following before going to one of these hospitals to complete the procedures for extracting the medical report:

  1. Send the report fees, estimated at 110 Turkish Lira, to the following account:

Iubesi Kurumsal Ankara Bankas1 Halk

41 OOOO 0005 4520 2009 OOOI TR7O

  2- A citizen’s passport wishing to travel must be brought

A ticket is available

This procedure shall be carried out 48 hours prior to the date of travel

Please always call 90 22999S5

WhatsApp: +90 5550866088

The Ministry of Public Health announced that as part of the ongoing development of public health and the promotion of services provided to citizens abroad to combat the coronavirus (Covid-19), four centers have been accredited to run tests for “Covid-19” for Qatari citizens in the sister Republic of Turkey.

Accordingly, citizens in Turkish territory can seek the following hospitals to conduct a Covid-19-free test and obtain a certificate of virus-free, the certificate is valid for only 48 hours, and the accredited hospitals are: “Ankara Sehir” Hospital In the capital Ankara, and in Istanbul, three hospitals which are: The Emergency Hospital of Yishil Koi Murad Dilmanlar, the Pasaşşehir Cham and Sakura Hospital, and the “Kartal Lotfi Kirdar” hospital.

On the other hand, travellers (residency holders in Qatar) residing in the Republic of Turkey may benefit from this service if they wish to return to Qatar, starting with the third phase of the gradual lifting of restrictions imposed by the Corona pandemic.

In the event that the test is carried out at one of the accredited centers and the person is found to be virus-free, the person becomes eligible for an exemption from the mandatory hotel quarantine in The State of Qatar, provided that the certificate holder shall be obliged to home quarantine for 14 days immediately after arrival in Qatar after the signing of the home quarantine undertaking and in accordance with the procedures and standards set by the Ministry of Public Health.

Source: al-sharq

الدوحة – الشرق:

أعلنت القنصلية العامة لدولة قطر في العاصمة التركية اسطنبول عن الاجراءات التي يجب القيام بها لاستصدار تقرير الخلو من فيروس كورونا من مستشفيات تركيا.

وقالت القنصلية في بيان لها على حسابها بموقع تويتر إنه ” بالاشارة إلى تعميم وزارة الصحة العامة المتعلق بضرورة استصدار المواطنين تقرير الخلو من فيروس كورونا من مستشقيات الجمهورية التركية الشقيقة السابق ذكرهم، تلقت القنصلية العامة عناية المواطنين الكرام آنه يستوجب القيام بمايلي قبل التوجه إلى أحد هذه المستشفيات لاستكمال اجراءات استخراج التقرير الطبي: 

١ – ارسال رسوم التقرير والمقدرة ب ١١٠ ليرة تركية على الحساب التالي: 

iubesi Kurumsal Ankara Bankas1 Halk 

41 OOOO 0005 4520 2009 OOOI TR7O 

٢ – احضار جواز سفر الخاص بالمواطن الراغب بالسفر 

– توفر تذكرة سفر 

– القيام بهذا الاجراء يكون قبل ٤٨ ساعة من تاريخ السفر 

كما يرجى التواصل دائما على الارقام التالية: 22999S5 212 90+ 

واتساب: 5550866088 90+

المصدر: al-sharq

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