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Windy and dusty conditions expected again today

من المتوقع استمرار الظروف الجوية العاصفة والمغبرة اليوم ايضاً


Windy and dusty conditions, along with a drop in visibility, are expected in the country again today the weather forecast shows.

Doha and other places around the country experienced severe dusty conditions Wednesday morning.

Poor horizontal visibility was reported from most areas, dropping to 1,200m in Doha and less than that in other places, as a result of the strong northwesterly winds and the ‘dust mass’ affecting the country, the Met department said in a tweet Wednesday.

The department urged people to be careful and issued an advisory on how to stay safe in dusty conditions.


Temperature drop

The northerly winds will be accompanied by a noticeable drop in temperature compared to the previous days, especially at night and early in the morning, with the minimum expected to drop below 13C in the southern areas of the country on Friday and at Saturday dawn, the Met department said in a tweet Wednesday.


Later, the department said the ‘dust mass’ had moved eastwards to the sea, while another ‘dust mass’ – less dense than the first one – was approaching the country. It also advised people to avoid all marine activities.

A few hours later, the weather office said there was significant improvement in horizontal visibility with a decrease in the intensity of the northwesterly winds. Relatively cold and slightly dusty conditions were also reported.

In another tweet later in the evening, the Met department said strong northwesterly winds were expected to return on Thursday, leading to rising dust – especially in the open areas – and a decrease in visibility to less than 2km.

Thursday’s detailed forecast says strong winds are expected during the day with poor visibility in some places at times.

The Met department has also issued a warning for strong winds and high seas in offshore areas Thursday.

The wind speed may go up to 33 knots offshore and 26 knots inshore Thursday, with the sea level rising to 10ft at times.

Moderate daytime temperature is likely along with slight to blowing dust in some places at times, and it will be cold by night. Visibility, meanwhile. may drop to 3km or less in some areas.

The minimum temperature is expected to be 16C Thursday in Doha, Al Khor and Abu Samra, followed by 17C in Wakra, Mesaieed and Dukhan, and 18C in Ruwais. The maximum, on the other hand, will range from 23C to 25C in the country, with Doha expected to see a high of 24C.

الدوحة – قنا

حذرت إدارة الأرصاد الجوية من رياح قوية متوقعة نهارا مع رؤية أفقية متدنية على بعض مناطق الساحل، ومن رياح قوية متوقعة مع أمواج عالية داخل البحر.. وتوقعت أن يكون الطقس حتى الساعة السادسة مساء اليوم معتدل الحرارة نهارا مع غبار خفيف إلى غبار مثار على بعض المناطق احيانا وبارد ليلا .. وفي البحر يصاحب الطقس غبار خفيف مع سحب متفرقة.

وتكون الرياح على الساحل شمالية غربية بسرعة تتراوح بين 10 و 20 عقدة مع هبات تصل إلى 26 عقدة على بعض المناطق أحيانا .. وفي البحر تكون الرياح شمالية غربية بسرعة تتراوح بين 18 و 28 عقدة مع هبات تصل إلى 33 عقدة أحيانا.

ويتراوح مدى الرؤية الأفقية بين 4 و8 كيلومترات، وينخفض إلى 3 كيلومتر أو أقل على بعض المناطق أحيانا.

ويتراوح ارتفاع الموج على الساحل بين 2 و 4 أقدام ويرتفع إلى 5 أقدام أحيانا.. وبين 6 و 8 أقدام في البحر ويرتفع إلى 10 أقدام أحيانا.

أقصى درجة حرارة متوقعة في الدوحة /24/ درجة مئوية.

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