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Qatar Financial Centre records exceptional 33% growth in 2019

مركز قطر للمال يحقق نمواً غير مسبوق بلغ 33 % بنهاية 2019


DOHA:  The Qatar Financial Centre (QFC), one of the world’s leading and fastest growing onshore business and financial centres, ended the year on a high note with an unprecedented growth of 33 percent in 2019 with close to 200 firms being registered to the platform. The number of firms set up to operate out of the QFC now stands at 816 as of December 2019. Compared to 612 firms at the beginning of the same year, the QFC is well underway in its goal of registering 1,000 firms by 2022.

The expansion of firms on the QFC platform represents a variety of industries, both financial and non-financial services, including Fintech, IT, and tax and investment advisories, hailing from diverse countries including the United States, Canada, the United Kingdom, France, Germany, Switzerland, Jordan as well as India.

Yousuf Mohamed Al Jaida, Chief Executive Officer, QFC Authority said: “The QFC platform has made substantial progress towards its core mandate of attracting FDI to Qatar and promoting economic diversification, as seen by our remarkable international partnerships, global engagement and business growth over the course of the last year.”

Al Jaida added: “With over 800 companies now registered on the platform, we are pleased that our efforts in developing relations with local and international stakeholders and key markets continue to bolster investor confidence in Qatar, shaping our nation as the gateway of choice to the Middle East and beyond.”

The QFC kick-started 2019 with the unveiling of its 2022 strategy, announcing its renewed focus on developing sectors of Qatar’s economy that are poised for substantial growth, namely digital, media, sports, and financial services sectors, as well as targeting emerging markets such as Oman, Kuwait, India, Pakistan and Turkey.

In line with this strategic vision, the QFC has taken major strides across financial services and expanded their financial services definition on the platform to extend licensing to FinTech companies. The QFC now has an increasing number of Fintech firms on its platform including Instimatch, Q-Pay, and Goals 101. Additionally, the QFC partnered with B-Hive, a leading European FinTech platform, to develop the financial technology industry in Qatar.

2019 also saw the launch of the Investment Promotion Agency of Qatar, which is registered on the QFC platform and aims to be a single and complete source for investment solutions in Qatar by attracting FDI in all of the country’s priority sectors.

The QFC signed 11 landmark MoUs in 2019 with key local and international stakeholders; including a key partnership with the Finance Office of the Presidency of the Republic of Turkey (CBFO) to establish the long-term cooperation between the Istanbul Financial Center and the QFC. The QFC’s agreement with CBFO aims to allow financial institutions in Qatar to operate in İstanbul Finance Centre and allow financial institutions in Turkey to operate in the QFC, establishes passporting services for financial institutions, and also connects QFC based entities and Istanbul Finance Centre entities to Islamic financial markets in central Asia and QFC-based commercial entities to Turkish and European markets.

In line with the QFC’s core mandate to promote economic diversification and attract foreign direct investment, the QFC organised a series of international roadshows in strategic markets including the United States, Spain, Turkey, China, Japan, Korea and Taiwan, among others, to highlight the numerous market opportunities in Qatar and benefits of doing business both in Qatar and under the QFC platform. QFC also welcomed various high-profile delegations from around the world including Canada, Mexico, the United States, France, Holland, Turkey, Russia and Japan.

اختتم مركز قطر للمال -أحد المراكز المالية والتجارية الرائدة والأسرع نمواً في العالم- عام 2019 بتحقيق نمو غير مسبوق بنسبة 33 % في عدد الشركات العاملة تحت مظلته، مع تسجيل حوالي 200 شركة جديدة في منصة الأعمال التي يقدمها، ليصل عددها الإجمالي إلى 816 شركة بنهاية 2019، مقارنة بـ 612 شركة في بداية العام نفسه. وتبرهن نسبة النمو المحققة سير المركز على خطى ثابتة، باتجاه تحقيق هدفه الاستراتيجي، المتمثل في تسجيل 1000 شركة تحت مظلته بحلول عام 2022.

ويمثل توسع الشركات ضمن منصة مركز قطر للمال مجموعة مختلفة من الصناعات، سواءً الخدمات المالية وغير المالية، بما في ذلك التكنولوجيا المالية «Fintech»، وتكنولوجيا المعلومات، والاستشارات الضريبية والاستثمارية. كما تأتي الشركات الجديدة من مجموعة متنوعة من الدول، بما في ذلك الولايات المتحدة الأميركية، وكندا، والمملكة المتحدة، وفرنسا، وألمانيا، وسويسرا، والأردن، والهند.

وصرح السيد يوسف محمد الجيده الرئيس التنفيذي لهيئة مركز قطر للمال: «أحرزت منصة مركز قطر للمال تقدماً ملموساً نحو تحقيق مهمتها الأساسية المتمثلة في جذب الاستثمار الأجنبي المباشر إلى قطر، وتشجيع التنوع الاقتصادي، وهو ما يتضح من خلال الشراكات الدولية المتميزة التي عقدناها، ومشاركاتنا الدولية، ونمو الأعمال المحقق على مدار العام الماضي».

وأضاف: «مع وجود أكثر من 800 شركة مسجلة حالياً تحت مظلة مركز قطر للمال، يسعدنا مواصلة جهودنا واستمرار العمل على تطوير العلاقات مع الجهات المعنية المحلية والدولية، والأسواق الرئيسية في العالم، بما يعزز من ثقة المستثمرين بدولة قطر، ويجعل دولتنا البوابة الفضلى للدخول إلى أسواق الشرق الأوسط والعالم».

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