9 million enquiries made through Metrash2 last year

In order to promote digital transformation, more than 40 e-services have been added to Metrash2 application last year and work is underway to develop existing services and add more, said an official at the General Directorate of Information Systems of the Ministry of Interior.

“Currently, there are 625,000 subscribers on Metrash2, as well the number of enquires that were made through the service last year stand around 9 million, compared to the 3 million enquiries in 2013,” said Major Ali Ahmed Al Binali, Head of e-Services Section of the Information Systems Department at the Ministry of Interior (MoI).

Speaking to Qatar Radio, yesterday, he clarified that the subscribers on Metrash2 are not just using Metrash2 services for themselves but rather for their families as well. “The main feature of the e-services in the Ministry of Interior is that they are always subject to development and modernisation, especially Metrash2, which currently offers more than 180 e-services,” Al Binali said.

“Metrash2 covers all the services which people usually need and it saves people’s time and efforts and they can use various cards for payment, such as Visa Card, Mastercard, Debit Card and direct transfer from the companies’ accounts to the account of the Ministry. 

The Information Systems Department last year launched a new version for Metrash2 for phones and smart devices, which is the fastest way to attain the Ministry’s services from any place and at any time.

The new version included a number of new services offered for the first time to the public like payment receipts for all services done through Metrash2. It also allows users to request a copy of the payment receipt be sent to the e-mail for each successful transaction.

Among the services, which have been added last year, one allows owners of impounded vehicles to delegate someone to receive it on their behalf when it is released by the police.

Al Binali clarifies that before adding any service to Metrash2, all the feedback and the public’s satisfaction should be taken into account in order to improve the quality and diversification of these services.

On the age groups of people who are allowed to use Metrash2, he pointed that one of the conditions for using Metrash2 is that the user must be 18 years and should hold a valid ID and smart device, and also the mobile number should be in the person’s name.

All MoI e-services offered through Metrash2 are available in six languages, including Arabic, English, French, Spanish, Urdu and Malayalam.

Sidi Mohamed | The Peninsula 

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