Unique installation by Ukrainian artist on display at Katara

Doha: Ukrainian contemporary artist Andrii ‘Abhinava’ Chernovil takes a rather metaphysical view of images which seem mundane to the beholder in his latest show “Look” which marks his third solo exhibition in Qatar.

In this latest artistic venture of the Chernovil considered one of the 10 ‘spiritual artists’ of Ukraine, he invites his audience not only to look at the artworks but also look into them, beyond their ordinary representation.

Several years ago, the artist co-founded ‘targetism’—a movement which uses the shooting target cards as an allegory representing achieving goals which is also alluded to in this project. Speaking to The Peninsula at the launch of his exhibition yesterday at Katara Cultural Village, the artist said the concept spawned from “the power of the spirit.”He said he combined futuristic style with target represented by the arrows to denote where the main goal comes from and the direction people follow in achieving them as in the case of most of the paintings.

The paintings and installations being showcased at the exhibition are on a league of their own thematically and stylistically. The works are classified into three thematic parts namely “Outside” which looks at routine from a creative point of view, “Look” in which the artist blurs the line between two- and three-dimensional objects and “Inside” which displays a media installation which de-familiarises otherwise very familiar Doha sceneries.

One of the highlights of the exhibition is a unique installation depicting both the portraits of Amir H H Sheikh Tamim bin Hamad Al Thani and Father Amir H H Sheikh Hamad bin Khalifa Al Thani. The installation can be seen in two ways; one view is the image of H H the Father Amir and from another angle is the portrait of H H the Amir.

“It means that life and wisdom come from the father and passed on to the son and continues,” he explained of the installation made of wood and steel which took him months to create, from concept to the finished artwork. The exhibition also features a video installation depicting unique cityscape ideas particularly a number of sculptures that can be created and installed around Doha, the artist added. Andrii is fluent in different art forms ranging from painting, photography, and collage to sculpture, installation and multimedia. His works have been exhibited in Saatchi Gallery in London and Art Basel in Basel as well as in Qatar, Ukraine, India and Italy.

The exhibition which was officially launched by Saif Saad Al-Dosari, Director of Human Resources Department at Katara, is open for public viewing from 10am to 10pm until December 30 at Katara Building 22.

By Raynald C Rivera | The Peninsula

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