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Improved weather with drop in temperature expected

تحسن الطقس مع انخفاض متوقع في درجة الحرارة

Better weather conditions are expected in the country with a relative drop in temperature due to northwesterly winds, the Qatar Met department has said.

In a report yesterday, the department said weather charts indicate that the country will be affected by northwesterly fresh to strong winds, especially offshore, between tomorrow evening until the middle of next week.

The wind speed during this period is expected to range from 8-18 knots, exceeding 25 knots in offshore areas. This will cause the wave height to rise to 4-7ft, which may reach 9ft at times in some areas, according to the weather office.

In addition, a relative drop in temperature is expected with the maximum ranging from 30-35C and the minimum from 20-26C across the country.

The Met department has urged people to be cautious, avoid going to sea and follow the latest updates through its official social media accounts.

Meanwhile, today’s forecast says it will be misty in some places at first, followed by a relatively hot day and scattered clouds. There is a chance of rain in some places by this afternoon.

Offshore areas are also likely to see misty conditions in the early hours today and scattered clouds.

The maximum temperature today is expected to be 36C in Abu Samra and 35C in Doha, Wakrah, Mesaieed and Al Khor. The minimum, on the other hand, will range from 21C in Abu Samra to 29C in Doha.

Yesterday, a maximum temperature of 37C was recorded in Karana and Ghuwairiyah, followed by 36C in Abu Hamour, Abu Samra, Batna, Turayna and Jumayliyah, and 35C in Doha (airport area), the Qatar University area, Sheehaniya and Dukhan.

توقعت إدارة الأرصاد الجوية أن يكون الطقس اليوم الأربعاء رطباً نسبياً ليلاً إلى ضباب خفيف على بعض المناطق في الصباح الباكر على الساحل، وفي البحر يصاحب الطقس ضباب خفيف أحياناً مع بعض السحب.

وتكون الرياح على الساحل أغلبها جنوبية شرقية تتراوح بين 3 و12 عقدة. ويتراوح مدى الرؤية الأفقية بين 4 و8 كيلومترات، ينخفض إلى 3 كيلومترات أو أقل على بعض المناطق في الصباح الباكر. ويتراوح ارتفاع الموج على الساحل بين قدم واحدة واثنتين.. وبين قدم واحدة و3 أقدام داخل البحر. أقصى درجة حرارة متوقعة في الدوحة 29 درجة مئوية.

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