Ribery is coming closer to our league

ريبيري يقترب من دورينا

Since it was announced that Bayern Munich had finally agreed to not renew Franck Ribery’s contract, fans have been wondering where Ribery would be headed. Is he going to another European team? North America? Middle East? China? Well, we now are one step closer to finding out where Ribery will continue his career.

According to Bild+ (paywall), Ribery is definitely headed to a club in the Middle East. Exactly which country isn’t exactly known yet. It is, however, expected to be either Saudi Arabia or Qatar. On Thursday, Ribery completed a medical at Säbener Straße and is expected to fly out on Friday to sign the contract.

In the last week, a rumor came out that Eintracht Frankfurt were interested in bringing Ribery to the club; however, both the club and the player distanced themselves from it. Ribery was long rumored to not want to play for another Bundesliga club, as he didn’t want to face Bayern in a competitive game of any sort.

source: bavarianfootballworks.com

أشارت صحيفة بيلد الألمانية إلى أن اللاعب الفرنسي فرانك ريبيري غادر ألمانيا متوجها إلى منطقة الخليج من اجل استكمال مفاوضاته مع أحد الأندية في المنطقة الخليجية ورجحت الصحيفة أن تكون وجهته المقبلة أحد الأندية القطرية، كما ذكرت الصحيفة أن لاعب بايرن ميونيخ السابق لا يزال يملك الرغبة في مواصلة ممارسة كرة القدم وخوض تجربة احتراف جديدة في منطقة الخليج.

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