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62 tonnes sales in five days at Dates Festival

٦٢ طن مبيعات في خمسة أيام في مهرجان الرطب


The sale at the fourth edition of Local Dates Festival at Souq Waqif by the Ministry of Municipality and Environment (MME) and Souq Waqif management has exceeded 62,000kg at the end of the fifth day on Saturday.

The festival witnessed a total of 19,700 visitors until Saturday, according to figures issued by the MME on Sunday. The festival is open from 4pm to 10pm at Al-Ahmad Square at Souq Waqif until August 3.

On Saturday, the festival marked an increase in the sale of dates and number of visitors. A total of 15,532kg dates were sold on Saturday while the total sale stood at 12,795kg on Friday and 12,932kg on Thursday.

The festival, on Saturday, was visited by 5,800 people while the number of visitors reached 5,000 and 3,500 on Friday and Thursday. A total of 10,953kg and 10,752kg dates were sold on Wednesday and Tuesday, respectively with visitor numbers at 2,900 and 2,500.

The organisers this year expect a sale of more than 250 tonnes of dates at the festival. Last year, the festival attracted about 54,000 visitors and sold 205 tonnes of fresh dates worth QR1.7mn.

The festival is a part of Qatar’s efforts to promote locally grown products and help local farmers get market for dates.

More than one dozen local varieties are on sale from 85 farms across Qatar in addition to Hassad food company.

The festival was attended by 73 farmers in 2018.

The varieties on sale at the festival include Al-Khalas, Al-Shishi, Al-Khenaizi, Al-Barhi, Al-Iraqi and Al-Silji, Al-Saqai, Nabt Saif, Al-Lulu and Al-Razizi.

بيع إجمالي الكمية المورّدة لمهرجان الرطب

نفدت كامل الكمية الموردة لمهرجان الرطب المحلي الرابع في يومه الخامس «السبت».

وبلغت المبيعات 15 طناً و532 كيلوجراماً، حيث يشهد المهرجان إقبالاً كبيراً على شراء الرطب يومياً. كما بلغ عدد الزائرين أمس حوالي 5800 زائر، حيث يفتح المهرجان أبوابه للجمهور يومياً من الساعة الرابعة عصراً حتى العاشرة مساءً بساحة الأحمد بسوق واقف حتى 3 أغسطس المقبل.

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