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Belgium Man Arrested After He Was Caught Trying To Get Vaccinated for Ninth Time

بلجيكا: القبض على رجل حاول الحصول على جرعة اللقاح التاسعة

News Agencies

A man in Charleroi, Belgium, has been arrested after he was caught trying to receive a ninth dose of the COVID vaccine.

The man, who was arrested on Sunday, was said to have received multiple doses on behalf of those who did not want to, in exchange for compensation.

No further details were given on his identity or of those who had allegedly paid him to receive the vaccine on their behalf.

He was said to have shown up at the vaccination centre as usual, with an identity card that was not his, but the staff of the vaccination centre noticed and sounded the alarm.

The man’s state of health reportedly did not show signs of complication, despite the number of injections he had received.

He, however, risks being prosecuted for forgery along with the people who had benefitted from his actions.

Meanwhile, Belgium has imposed extra measures to slow the spread of the Omicron variant, which is causing a spike in cases across Europe.

From December 26, indoor Christmas markets, cinemas, theaters and concert halls will be closed. Sporting events will continue, but without spectators.

Previous rules such as mandatory mask-wearing in indoor public spaces, working from home four days a week, and closing bars and restaurants at 11pm will remain in place.

“The aim in taking these measures is to manage the pressure on hospitals and ensure schools can reopen from January 10, 2022,” said Alexander De Croo, Belgian prime minister.


أفادت تقاريرُ بأن رجلًا في بلجيكا اعتُقل بعد أن قُبض عليه وهو يحاول الحصول على جرعة لقاح «كوفيد-19» التاسعة مع تحديد هُوية مزيفة نيابة عن الآخرين الذين لا يريدون التطعيم بأنفسهم. وكشفت صحيفة L’Avenir أنَّ الرجل الذي لم يُذكر اسمه، احتجز في مركز تطعيم يوم الأحد بعد أن تعرف العاملون على وجهه. وذهب سابقًا إلى المركز لتلقي التطعيم ثماني مرات، باستخدام بطاقات هوية مختلفة للعملاء الذين يُزعم أنهم يريدون حالة «التطعيم بالكامل» دون أن يحضروا بأنفسهم. وبحسب الصحيفة، سيتم قريبًا رفع شكوى قانونية ضد الرجل وكل من استغل خدمته لتجنب التطعيم.

وقبض على العديد ممن يتلقون التطعيم نيابة عن الآخرين منذ بداية جائحة «كوفيد-19» والقيود اللاحقة. وهذا الشهر، تم التحقيق مع رجل نيوزيلندي بزعم تلقيه ما يصل إلى 10 جرعات في يوم واحد نيابة عن العملاء الذين دفعوا المال والذين كانوا مترددين في الحصول على التطعيم.

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