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Lost Italian Village Emerges From Water After 71 Years

ظهور قرية إيطالية مفقودة بعد ٧١ عامًا

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Rome: In what is being considered as a watershed moment, the remains of an Italian village that was submerged beneath a lake for decades has recently emerged from the water’s surface. The village named Curon has been discovered for the first time in 71 years. At one time, Curon used to be the home of hundreds of people. However, it was hidden in lake in 1950 when authorities decided to build a dam and merge two nearby lakes. For the next 70 years, the village remained covered by Lake Resia.

Lake Resia is an artificial lake in the western portion of South Tyrol, Italy, approximately 2 kms south of the Reschen Pass. It lies in South Tyrol, the Alpine region that borders Austria and Switzerland.

Locals of the area have been able to spot the final traces of Curon after the lake was temporarily drained. With a decrease in the water levels, old steps, cellars and walls of the village structure were exposed, according to a BBC report.
Pictures of the lost village surfaced on the internet as some social media users posted them online. In the pictures that surfaced, remains of steps, walls and cellars at the former settlement can be seen.

Due to the 14th-century church tower emerging from its waters, Lake Resia has been a major tourist attraction. It is popular with hikers in summer, with visitors in winter able to walk across the frozen surface to reach the spire.

In November 2020, some ancient structures and remains of settlements under the Chandan river were discovered in the Amarpur block of Banka district in Bihar, India. Locals from the Bhadaria village initially came across the structures, made of bricks. According to experts, the structures seem to be the remains of some very ancient settlements which were later buried after the river water submerged the settlements.


روما: عادت بقايا قرية إيطاليّة غمرتها المياهُ عام 1950، لزيادة إنتاج الطاقة الكهرومائيّة، إلى الظهور لأول مرة منذ 71 عامًا. وغمرت السلطاتُ قرية كورون، وهي قرية في جبال الألب في شمال شرق منطقة جنوب تيرول بإيطاليا، لتصبح خزانًا في عام 1950، على الرغم من اعتراضات المئات من سكّانها.

وكانت كورون واقعة عند التقاء بحيرتَين طبيعيتَين في منطقة وادي فينوستا، ودمجت السلطات البحيرتَين لإنشاء موقع لتوليد الطاقة، ما تسبّب في تغطية القرية ببحيرة ريسيا في هذه العملية. وتمّ فقدان نحو 163 منزلًا في قاع البحيرة، وظلّ برج الكنيسة الذي يعود إلى القرن الرابع عشر فقط مرئيًا على سطح الماء، ما خلق معلمًا مُذهلًا أصبح نقطة جذب سياحي.

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