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16 people killed in flash floods in Pakistan

السيول تودي بحياة ١٦ شخصا في باكستان

PTI – Peshawar:

At least 16 people, including a woman and two children, were killed and eight others injured due to flash floods caused by torrential rains in northwest Pakistan”s Khyber Pakhtunkhwa district, a disaster management official said on Friday.

Eight people died in Upper Kohistan district, six in Swat and two in Shangla district of the province due to the floods on Thursday night, an official of the Provincial Disaster Management Authority (PDMA) said, adding that 40 houses were damaged in these areas.

The flood water inundated houses in Shahgram and Teerat area of Swat district from where six deaths and injuries to eight people were reported.

PDMA Director General Pervez Khan and Secretary of relief rushed to the affected areas to oversee rescue activities.

The rescue activities are underway in full swing in the affected areas and people are being shifted to safer places, Khan said.

Chief Minister K P Mehmood Khan, who also hails from Swat, has expressed concern over the loss of life and property.

إسلام آباد – قنا:

لقى ما لا يقل عن 16 شخصا حتفهم وأصيب 18 بجروح جراء السيول والفيضانات الناجمة عن الأمطار الغزيرة في مختلف أنحاء إقليم /خيبربختونخوا/ بشمال غرب باكستان.

وأفادت هيئة إدارة الكوارث لحكومة /خيبربختونخوا/، في بيان بثته وكالة الأنباء الباكستانية، بأن الأمطار الغزيرة دمرت 29 منزلا بشكل كامل.

وأضاف البيان أن أنشطة الإنقاذ والإغاثة جارية في المناطق المتضررة.

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