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Jamaican sprinter Usain Bolt tests positive for Coronavirus

إصابة العداء الجامايكي يوسين بولت بفيروس كورونا


Jamaica’s Minister of Health says legendary sprinter Usain Bolt has tested positive for the novel coronavirus.

Minister Christopher Tufton said Bolt was aware of the results and his recent contacts were being traced.

“It is now public knowledge that Mr. Bolt has tested positive. He has been formally notified, I’m told by the authorities,” Tufton told reporters Monday evening. “‘It triggers an approach to questioning, interrogation if you will, which we follow through with contact tracing.”

Bolt said on social media Monday that he was awaiting the result of a coronavirus test and was quarantining himself as a precaution.

The 34-year-old retired sprinter who won gold in the 100 and 200 meters at the last three Olympics posted a video on social media to explain the situation.

“Good morning everybody. Just waking up. Like everybody, checked social media and saw that social media says I’m confirmed of COVID-19,” he said. “I did a test Saturday, because I work. I’m trying to be responsible, so I’m going to stay in and stay here for my friends.”

Bolt, who appeared to be lying in bed in the video, said he has no symptoms.

“Just to be safe, I’ll quarantine myself and just take it easy,” he said.

Jamaica has had fewer than 1,700 cases, a relatively low number in a country of nearly 3 million.

On the track, Bolt was known for his poses – his “Lighting Bolt” became iconic – and of course his post-race celebrations. His speed and charisma made his sport can’t-miss viewing whenever he lined up in the blocks.

Bolt set the world records in the 100 and 200 meters at the 2009 world championships in Berlin. He retired in 2017.

إسطنبول / مثنى الأحمد / الأناضول

أعلنت وزارة الصحة في جامايكا، أن الفحوصات الطبية أثبتت إصابة العداء يوسين بولت، بفيروس كورونا.

وأفادت الوزارة في وقت متأخر مساء الإثنين، أن بولت أصيب بمرض كوفيد 19، وسيقضي وقتًا في عزلة ذاتية نتيجة لذلك.

وقال بولت في فيديو بثه عبر مواقع التواصل الاجتماعي، الإثنين، وهو مستلق على الفراش: “لكي أكون في أمان قمت بعزل نفسي وأتعامل مع الأمر ببساطة”.

وجاءت نتائج اختبار بولت إيجابية، بعد أيام فقط من إقامة حفلة عيد ميلاده الرابع والثلاثين، الموافق في 20 من الشهر الحالي.

ويوسين بولت صاحب الرقم القياسي العالمي في سباق السرعة، والحاصل على ثماني ميداليات ذهبية أولمبية، ويعد العداء الوحيد الفائز بذهبية سباقي 100 و200 متر، في ثلاث ألعاب أولمبية متتالية (2008 و2012 و2016).

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