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MoCI records 154 violations in July

التجارة تضبط ١٥٤ مخالفة خلال يوليو

The Peninsula – Doha:

The Ministry of Commerce and Industry carried out intensive inspection campaigns in July this year to ensure the compliance of suppliers (retail outlets) with laws and ministerial decisions related to consumer protection. 

The inspection campaigns come within the framework of the Ministry’s efforts to monitor markets and commercial activities in Qatar in a bid to control prices and uncover violations in order to protect consumers’ rights.

The inspection campaigns resulted in cracking down on 154 violations. Violations included failing to display all descriptive data relating to the product, failing to issue invoices in Arabic, offering promotions without obtaining the necessary licence, failing to comply with the mandatory price bulletin of vegetables and fruits, displaying expired products, and failing to input the stock of strategic goods in the strategic inventory management and control system, among other violations.

The penalties included administrative closures and fines ranging between QR5,000 and QR30,000, in line with the laws and decisions governing the work of the Consumer Protection Department.

The highest 37 violations registered in July were related to offering promotions without obtaining the necessary licence from the concerned department followed by 27 violations failing to note all descriptive data relating to the product. 

As many as 19 violations were related to failing to issue invoices in Arabic and 17 violations were about expired products. 

A total of 9 violations were pertaining to failing to comply with public health and safety requirements. 

Under failing to comply with the mandatory price bulletin of vegetables and fruits provision, eight violations were recorded. Failing to display prices records seven violations. 

As many as five violations were related to false or misleading product display, description and advertising.

Authorities at the Ministry received a number of complaints in July and took the necessary measures to address them.

The Ministry stressed that it will not tolerate any violations of the Consumer Protection Law and its regulations and will intensify its inspection campaigns to crackdown on violations. 

The Ministry said it will refer those who violate laws and ministerial decisions governing the work of the department to competent authorities who will, in turn, take appropriate action against the perpetrators in order to protect consumer rights.

The Ministry urged all consumers to report to it when they come across violations, infringements and process complaints and suggestions.

Source: thepeninsulaqatar

الدوحة – الشرق:

قامت وزارة التجارة والصناعة خلال شهر يوليو الماضي بحملات تفتيشية مكثفة لمراقبة مدى تقيد المزودين المحال التجارية بالتزاماتهم المنصوص عليها بالقوانين والقرارات الوزارية المعنية بحماية المستهلك، وذلك في إطار حرص الوزارة على مراقبة الأسواق والأنشطة التجارية بالدولة بهدف ضبط الأسعار والكشف عن التجاوزات حفاظاً على حماية حقوق المستهلكين، وأسفرت الحملات التفتيشية عن ضبط 154 مخالفة مختلفة تنوعت ما بين عدم الالتزام بتدوين كافة البيانات الإيضاحية المتعلقة بالسلعة، وعدم إصدار فواتير باللغة العربية، وعدم الالتزام بتدوين كافة البيانات الإيضاحية المتعلقة بالسلعة، وعمل عروض ترويجية دون الحصول على الترخيص اللازم، وعدم الالتزام بأسعار النشرة الجبرية للخضراوات والفواكه، وعرض منتجات منتهية فترة صلاحيتها، وعدم الالتزام بإدخال مخزون السلع الاستراتيجية على نظام مراقبة المخزون الاستراتيجي، وغيرها. هذا وتتراوح العقوبات على المحلات المخالفة ما بين الإغلاق الإداري والغرامات المالية التي تتراوح ما بين 5000 ريال إلى 30000 ريال حسب القوانين والقرارات المنظمة لعمل إدارة حماية المستهلك.

المصدر: al-sharq

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