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Hamad bin Khalifa Hospital in Mauritania announces biannual results

نجاحات متميزة لمستشفى حمد بن خليفة بموريتانيا

The Peninsula – Doha:

The Hamad bin Khalifa Hospital in Boutilimit, Mauritania, recently issued its semiannual report of the medical activities and services offered during the first half of 2020 to improve the health conditions of the local communities of Boutilimit and neighboring regions.

Operated and managed by Qatar Red Crescent Society (QRCS), under an MoU with Education Above All (EAA), the hospital relies on its own resources and infrastructure, with a workforce of 79 specialist physicians, nurses, assistants, social workers, and administrative staff.

The overall budget of the hospital for 2020 is nearly $1.3m. It has four medical divisions: outpatient, inpatient, technical, and emergency. There are six outpatient clinics of internal medicine, obstetrics and gynecology, dermatology, general surgery, orthopedics, and dental medicine.

From January 1 to  June 30, 2020, the 8-bed emergency department received 7,297 patients, including 5,799 multiple emergencies, 1,424 Ob-Gyn emergencies, 74 road traffic injuries. Performance indicators show that the hospital managed to achieve a main goal of reducing referrals to major hospitals in Nouakchott – no more than 24 referrals.

With its six rooms, the outpatient department offers GP services during weekdays, while other specialties are available on a basis of three clinics per week. Year-to-date, the department has served 20,833 patients, including 8,853 children, 4,177 male adults, and 7,803 female adults. 

They are divided as follows: GP (11,504), general surgery (418), paediatrics (1,561), Ob-Gyn (538), dental (433), orthopedics (661), pregnancy care (1,414), dermatology (2,121), internal medicine (1,188), and ophthalmology (985).

Currently, the hospital has a capacity of 62 beds in four recovery departments (internal, pediatrics, Ob-Gyn, and general surgery). The reported period saw 2,466 inpatients with a total of 5,980 stay days. The bed occupancy rate was 60.6  percent, with an average of 2.4 stay days per patient.

As the hospital pays great attention to maternal and child health, the Ob-Gyn department supervised 753 births, including 118 C-sections, with a surgical intervention percentage of 15 percent, which is much less than national figures, reflecting the improved performance of the department.

In the department of biotechnology, which consists of three fully equipped operating rooms, lab, and medical imaging unit, it has conducted 353 surgeries in the specialties of Ob-Gyn, orthopedics, and general surgery. Also, there were made 19,488 lab tests (average: 100 per day) and 2,881 medical images (average: 20 per day).

The hospital continued to provide training for the students of public health schools, such as the schools of public health in Nouakchott, Rosso, and Kiffa. Over the past few months, a new batch of 36 trainees was received. To ensure sustainability of professional capacity-building, the hospital took part in many training courses with other organizations and organized internship and field training programs for nurses.

In relation to social care, the Social Affairs Department assisted 129 poor patients to get access to vital health services. Under a partnership agreement with the National Reproductive Health Program, health care was given to 780 pregnant women across Boutilimit.

Since the beginning of 2019, the hospital has been engaged under the national health initiative to combat viral inflammations, by developing an automatic mechanism to vaccinate all newborns prior to discharge. Over six months, the new mechanism had a coverage rate of 100 percent.

Source: thepeninsulaqatar

الدوحة – قنا :

أعلن الهلال الأحمر القطري أن مستشفى حمد بن خليفة في مقاطعة «بوتلميت» الموريتانية، الذي يتولى تشغيله وإدارته بناء على اتفاقية تعاون مع مؤسسة «التعليم فوق الجميع»، قد حقق إنجازات ونجاحات متميزة.

وأكد الهلال الأحمر القطري، في تقريره نصف السنوي عن أنشطة المستشفى والخدمات الطبية التي قدمها خلال الأشهر الستة الأولى من العام الحالي بهدف الارتقاء بمستوى الرعاية الصحية المقدمة لصالح الأهالي من سكان المقاطعة والمقاطعات المجاورة لها، أن المستشفى واصل خلال هذا العام أداء مهامه بالاعتماد على الإمكانات والموارد والبنية التحتية المتوافرة، حيث يصل حجم فريق العمل به حاليا إلى 79 شخصا، ما بين أطباء في مختلف التخصصات وممرضين ومساعدي تمريض ومرشدين اجتماعيين وموظفين إداريين.

وتنقسم الأنشطة الاستشفائية بالمستشفى، الذي تبلغ الميزانية التشغيلية له خلال العام الجاري قرابة 1.3 مليون دولار أمريكي، إلى 4 فروع رئيسية هي: العيادات الخارجية، الإقامة، الأقسام الفنية، الطوارئ. وتتكون العيادات الخارجية من 6 عيادات تؤمن الخدمات الطبية في التخصصات التالية: الطب الباطني، النساء والتوليد، الجلدية، الجراحة العامة، جراحة العظام، طب الأسنان.

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