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Aston Martin’s first motorcycle is nearly here

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Aston Martin's first motorcycle is nearly here . Just 100 units of the track-only motorcycle will be built, each with the eyewatering price tag of €108,000 (441,125.14 Qatari Rial) . the 182PS (180bhp) turbocharged, intercooled DOHC, 997cc, V-twin is reportedly undergoing bench testing simultaneously . Thanks to a host of carbon-fibre components, the model weighs just 180kg dry, thus lending a power-to-weight ratio of one horsepower per kilogramme . دراجة نارية أستون مارتن الأولى على وشك الانتهاء . سيتم بناء 100 وحدة فقط من الدراجة المخصصة للمسار فقط ، ولكل منها سعر بقيمة 108،000 يورو (441،125.14 ريال قطري) . Follow @wgoqatar #wgoqatarauto #doha #qatar #astonmartin Source: goodwood.com

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