A car is completely burned due to a hand sanitizer left inside of it

احتراق سيارة بالكامل بسبب ترك معقّم لليدين داخلها

WAUKEGAN, Ill.– The Waukegan Fire Department in Illinois is urging people to not keep hand sanitizer in their cars due to the risk of fire.

Firefighters responded to a car fire Thursday afternoon. A preliminary investigation revealed the fire appeared to be caused by a small bottle of hand sanitizer that was left on the dashboard.

“The owner had been refilling with 80% alcohol sanitizer that was supplied by their employer. It appears sunlight shining through the windshield onto the sanitizer was enough to cause ignition,” the fire department said on Facebook.

Photos from the fire show the aftermath of the indecent. The dashboard was badly melted and the windshield was covered in soot.

By the time firefighters arrived, the fire was out. They said the owner sprayed some water through a hole in the windshield but it likely was extinguished due to lack of oxygen.

“The Waukegan Fire Department is aware of other incidents similar to this happening as more and more people are using a higher alcohol concentration hand sanitizer due to our current pandemic,” the department said. “As the heat of summer is near we STRONGLY recommend that hand sanitizers not be kept in cars.”

Below, you’ll see how quickly a car can heat up. Indiana State Police Sergeant John Perrine and deputy chief Michael Pruitt did a demonstration in their cars Thursday. 

Not even 10 minutes in, the temperature in sergeant Perrine’s car shot up to over 100 degrees. 

Source: fox59

الوطن – واشنطن:

اندلع حريق داخل سيارة في مدينة ووكيغان في ولاية إلينوي الأميركية مساء الخميس الماضي. وبحسب ما نشرت صفحة فريق الإطفاء في المدينة على صفحتها على “فيسبوك” فإن سبب الحريق هو ترك عبوة صغيرة لمعقم لليدين داخل السيارة، ما أدى إلى اشتعالها تحت حرارة الشمس واحتراق المركبة.

ونبّهت الصفحة إلى أنّ سوائل كثيرة أخرى، خصوصاً تلك الكحولية قد تؤدي إلى اندلاع الحرائق في حال تركت في السيارات أو أي مكان معرّض للحرارة العالية، خصوصاً في أيام الصيف.

ونشر فريق الإطفاء صوراً للسيارة المحترقة، وقد بدت شبه مدمّرة من الداخل، ودعت المواطنين إلى الانتباه وعدم ترك هذه السوائل في السيارات بما أن الجميع يعتمد عليها لتطهير يديه في هذه الأيام، بهدف الحيلولة دون تفشي فيروس كورونا.

المصدر: al-watan

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