China approves two coronavirus vaccines for human trials

الصين تجري تجارب سريرية على لقاحين جديدين ضد فيروس كورونا

Tribune News Network – Doha

China has approved early-stage human tests for two experimental coronavirus vaccines as it battles to contain imported cases and prevent a second wave of COVID-19.

The experimental vaccines are being developed by a Beijing-based unit of Sinovac Biotech and by the Wuhan Institute of Biological Products, an affiliate of state-owned China National Pharmaceutical Group, state news agency Xinhua reported on Tuesday.

In March, Beijing gave the green light to another clinical trial for a coronavirus vaccine candidate developed by the military-backed Academy of Military Medical Sciences and biotech firm CanSino Bio, shortly after US drug developer Moderna said it had begun human tests for their vaccine with the US National Institutes of Health.

“We can confirm now that three particular vaccines are being tested in China, and the National Health Commission has said it will have to clear a number of conditions before they can enable mass production of the vaccines globally,” said Clarke.

As of Tuesday, China reported 82,249 coronavirus cases and 3,341 deaths. There were no fatalities over the past 24 hours.

Scientists around the world are racing against time to develop a vaccine for coronavirus, which has killed more than 119,000 people and infected more than 1.9 million globally.

The first approved vaccine in China has started its second phase of the trial, Clarke reported.

“A total of 500 people signed up to volunteer for that in the first phase, which looked at the safety of this vaccine, and the second phase has now introduced a placebo control group,” she said.

But even as hope for a cure is raised, John Nicholls, clinical professor of Pathology at the University of Hong Kong, said: “Vaccines can’t be rushed”.

His team was one of the first outside mainland China to reproduce the virus in a laboratory for research.

“Normally with vaccines you start off with small animals and then move to primates and then to the humans,” Nicholls told Al Jazeera. “It seems that with this one they have gone straight to the humans, which is a very bold decision. Most of the mortality in this disease is in the elderly, so the best thing would be to actually see what the anti-body response is in the elderly rather than the young,” he added.


الدوحة – قنا

أعلنت السلطات الصحية الصينية اليوم، أنها بدأت في إجراء تجارب سريرية على لقاحين جديدين ضد فيروس كورونا (كوفيد-19) .

وذكرت وكالة /شينخوا/ للأنباء أن فريق البحث العلمي بآلية الوقاية والسيطرة المشتركة التابع لمجلس الدولة الصيني أكد أن اثنين من اللقاحات المطورة محليا ضد فيروس كورونا تم الموافقة عليهما من قبل مصلحة الدولة لرقابة وإدارة الدواء.

وأشار فريق البحث إلى أن اللقاحين الجديدين دخلا إلى مرحلة التجريب السريري، باعتبارهما الدفعة الأولى من نوعهما في الصين.

وفي نفس السياق، ذكرت السلطات الصحية المحلية في مقاطعة /هوبي/ بوسط الصين أنه لم يتم الإبلاغ عن حالات إصابة جديدة بفيروس كورونا في المقاطعة التي تعتبر بؤرة تفشي الوباء، كما لم تسجل حالات وفاة جديدة جراء المرض.

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