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Doha Municipality closes 20 food outlets

بلدية الدوحة تغلق ٢٠ منشأة غذائية 


The Peninsula

Doha Municipality has shutdown 20 food outlets operating in Doha and Industrial Area for violating some provisions of health rules during the past two weeks.

The closure periods of erring outlets range from five to 30 days, said the Ministry of Municipality and Environment in a statement issued yesterday. The inspectors of Health Monitoring Section of Doha Municipality made inspections  at 762 food outlets across Doha.

As many as 33 violations of health rules were recorded.

The inspectors have also intensified inspection campaign on vehicles which transport food items from and to Industrial Area at the assembly points. Six inspectors are assigned to work from 5am to 10pm throughout the week, including Fridays and Saturdays, to ensure the safety of food items.

The inspectors also check vehicles, drivers and potters to comply with the health rules like wearing masks, gloves, maintaining personal hygiene and required temperatures of the refrigerators of vehicles.

The inspectors also check the health certificates of all food handlers at food outlets.

The inspectors conducted an inspection campaign at Lulu Hypermarket in Mesaila.

All sections of the market underwent inspection. The inspectors also checked the health certificates of food handlers and their personal hygiene. The inspectors also checked whether food handlers were wearing mask and gloves and customers are being provided with sanitisers and masks at the places for selling fruits and vegetables.

Meanwhile, Health Monitoring Section of Umm Salal Municipality issued two administrative decisions to close food outlets for seven days for violating some provisions of health rules. The inspectors also recorded seven violations during the inspection campaign which was intensified by the beginning of this week to ensure the outlets are complying to the health rules and create health awareness among them. The inspection campaign also covered slaughterhouse and winter vegetable market at Al Mazrouha. Al Shamal Municipality also intensified inspection campaign on food outlets and eateries to ensure the compliance of health rules.

During the campaign, the outlets were educated about the importance of wearing masks, gloves and head cover and to limit the number of customers inside the shops focusing on takeaway. Umm Salal Municipality is running a campaign to clean and disinfect roads and other public places to ensure the health and safety of people.

The Municipality urged all segments of the society to cooperate with the cleaning teams to ensure a smooth cleaning operation.


الدوحة – قنا

في إطار الجهود المستمرة لقسم الرقابة الصحية التابع لإدارة الرقابة البلدية ببلدية الدوحة في مجال التفتيش على المؤسسات الغذائية للتأكد من توافر جميع الاشتراطات الصحية، حفاظاً على صحة وسلامة المستهلكين، تم تنفيذ حملات تفتيشية شملت 762 مؤسسة غذائية في مختلف مناطق الدوحة. 

وأسفرت الحملات التي شارك فيها أكثر من 20 مفتشاً خلال الأسبوعين الماضيين عن تحرير 33 محضر مخالفة، كما تم الإغلاق الإداري لحوالي 20 مؤسسة غذائية مخالفة بمناطق الدوحة والمنطقة والصناعية، حيث تراوحت مدد الإغلاق من 5 أيام إلى 30 يوماً. 

ويقوم مفتشو القسم بتكثيف التفتيش على سيارات نقل المواد الغذائية من وإلى المنطقة الصناعية عند نقاط التمركز ، حيث يعمل 6 مفتشون من الساعة الخامسة صباحاً إلى العاشرة مساءً يومياً على مدار الأسبوع بما فيها الجمعة والسبت، وذلك للتأكد من سلامة المواد الغذائية والتزام السيارات والسائقين والحمَّالين بالاشتراطات الصحية والتي تشمل (ارتداء كمامات، قفازات، نظافة شخصية، اشتراطات خاصة بالسيارات، درجة حرارة السيارة من تبريد أو تجميد وخلافه)، كما يتم التأكد من توافر شهادات صحية سارية لجميع العاملين بالمؤسسات الغذائية وارتدائهم القفازات والكمامات.

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