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Safari opens spacious new parking area for customers

سفاري مول يفتتح منطقة انتظار موسعة لوقوف سيارات العملاء


Safari has opened a newly-built and expanded parking area for its customers at Safari Mall in Abu Hamour to meet the growing demand of parking spaces. The new parking space is designed to provide customers with a comfortable 80,000 sqft area in front of Safari Mall. 

The 10/20/30 promotion is one of the most popular and now ongoing promotion of Safari in Qatar. In this promotion, you can get a lot of products at a very low price and therefore, a huge number of customers are busy visiting Safari at this time. 

Safari also offers a wide variety of quality products in each of its promotions and offers, and witnesses a huge crowd of customers, especially on Thursdays, Fridays and Saturdays, where customers are satisfied with the product quality and service. 

As the customer footfall increases, the traffic on the roads leading to the Safari Mall creates a disturbance for customers, who come for shopping. 

As a solution to all this, Safari has opened a new spacious parking area for customers and launched their 10 20 30 promotion on February 3.

افتتحت Safari منطقة انتظار موسعة تم بناؤها حديثًا لعملائها في Safari Mall في أبو هامور لتلبية الطلب المتزايد على أماكن وقوف السيارات. تم تصميم مساحة وقوف السيارات الجديدة لتزويد العملاء بمساحة مريحة تبلغ 80،000 قدم مربع أمام سفاري مول.

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