Qatar school adopts unique way to instill love for art

مدرسة قطرية تتبنى طريقة فريدة لغرس حب الفن


Adopting a unique way to spread art-loving culture, Al Razi Preparatory School for Boys in Al Duhail has demonstrated talents of its students in the form of paintings of visual arts on the interior walls of its premises. 

Al Razi School is one of the Qatari schools that invests in its students’ talents in a very creative way. A group of students at Al Razi School started a project of painting on the school’s interior walls under the supervision and support of their teachers since the beginning of the academic year 2019-2020. 

Qatar school adopts unique way to instill love for art

Almost all the walls of the schools have been decorated by the paintings of students which reflect the Arabic and Islamic cultures through Arabic letters, calligraphy or the paintings of horses that show strong ties to the Islamic traditions. 

Furthermore, the paintings show the students’ ability to create something related to their identity and personality. The process of mixing colours shows a great passion to make the environment of the school warmer and more attractive.

All the paintings reflect Qatar identity and nature. There are amazing paintings that reflect the chronological development of Qatar; Qatar from the past till now.

Qatar school adopts unique way to instill love for art

Speaking to The Peninsula, Nader Al Odyani, the Deputy Head of Academic Department at the School said: “We have norms related to the safe learning environment which is divided into two parts: psychological or social part while the other part is related to the physical aspects of the place where the students study and attend their classes.”

“We believe that the visual aspects of the place increases students’ desire for learning and enhances their capabilities. With planning to improve the school, we create clubs for talented students in different majors; art, photography, mathematics, physics and many more.” 

 According to the students, the role of teachers is just guiding and supervising and they give the students full freedom to choose the topic which sharpens their creative senses as they do not feel hesitation or being under stress to do something they are not interested in. The project is purely done by the students to motivate other students who are not involved in the project.

Qatar school adopts unique way to instill love for art

 “The idea behind the project started last year when the paintings of some students were displayed on the walls but in a move to add something new and different to the school, the decision to make students draw on walls was taken at the beginning of this academic year 2019-20. This move satisfies students’ desire of self-realisation,” said Nader Al Odyani. 

“The students get enough training on different art materials and tools. It is not only painting by brushes. We try to teach them how to use a cloth to create a portrait and there is a portrait done by the cloth that includes Arabic calligraphy,” said Mohammed, an art teacher at Al Razi School.

Abd Al Jalil, another art teacher said: “We try to introduce students to the international art schools and show them the differences among them. Moreover, we show students the paintings of the most famous artists like Picasso and Van Gogh and ask them to imitate their paintings and artistic style.” 

Qatar school adopts unique way to instill love for art

“We also visit art galleries whenever they open a new exhibition; we paid two visits to the art corner in Souq  Waqif and to the art gallery at Cultural Village, Katara where students had the opportunity to develop a taste for art and speak to the artists.”

Mohamed, a student, said: “Most of the paintings reflect Qatari identity and heritage. There are paintings of a hawk, which is a major element in Qatari culture; also there is a painting of a dhow that reflects the relation between the Qatari people and the sea in the past.” 

Khalil, another student said: “I like paintings since it gave me chance to reflect my identity, I like to paint hawks, horses and desert since they show how we are emotionally attached to our heritage.”

Qatar school adopts unique way to instill love for art

Yousef, another student at Al Razi School, said: “I like to draw in 3D painting and you can see our painting the show Al Dafna Towers in a 3D way and this reflects the development of our homeland Qatar.”

Many students spoke about the support they have received from their teachers and families. Khalil mentioned that his family supported him a lot and that he had also created drawings on his bedroom walls.

Mohammed said: “At the end of each year, we try to organise an exhibition that hosts other schools to show them the artistic works of our students.” 

About the next project, the students said that they are planning to draw Al Zubara Fort on one of the walls; also they are planning to draw on the external walls of the school.

Noor Abood | The Peninsula

باعتماد طريقة فريدة لنشر الثقافة المحبة للفنون ، أظهرت مدرسة الرازي الإعدادية للبنين في الدحيل مواهب لطلابها في شكل لوحات للفنون البصرية على الجدران الداخلية لمبنى المدرسة.

مدرسة الرازي هي واحدة من المدارس القطرية التي تستثمر في مواهب طلابها بطريقة مبتكرة للغاية. بدأت مجموعة من طلاب مدرسة الرازي مشروع الرسم على الجدران الداخلية للمدرسة تحت إشراف ودعم معلميهم منذ بداية العام الدراسي 2019-2020.

تم تزيين جميع جدران المدارس تقريبًا برسومات الطلاب التي تعكس الثقافات العربية والإسلامية من خلال الحروف العربية أو الخط العربي أو لوحات الخيول التي تظهر روابط قوية مع التقاليد الإسلامية.

علاوة على ذلك ، تُظهر اللوحات قدرة الطلاب على إنشاء شيء متعلق بهويتهم وشخصيتهم. تُظهر عملية خلط الألوان شغفًا كبيرًا لجعل بيئة المدرسة أكثر دفئًا وجاذبية.

جميع اللوحات تعكس هوية قطر وطبيعتها. هناك لوحات مذهلة تعكس التطور الزمني لقطر ؛ قطر من الماضي وحتى الآن.

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