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Kahramaa launches annual Tarsheed competitions 2020

«كهرماء» تطلق مسابقات «ترشيد» السنوية 2020


The Qatar General Electricity and Water Corporation (Kahramaa) has launched annual Tarsheed competitions. The event is one of the initiatives of the National Programme for Conservation and Energy Efficiency (Tarsheed) to encourage and urge society and the various sectors in the country, to apply best practices to rationalise consumption of electricity, water and energy efficiency through six competitions on rationalisation techniques and renewable energy and community awareness.

In the field of rationalisation techniques, the competition for rationalised buildings comes in its eighth edition under the slogan ‘sustainable buildings from the roots’ with aim of spreading awareness about the benefits of applying sound practices to rationalise the use of electricity and water in the building. 

Buildings from the governmental, residential, commercial, industrial, and hospitality sectors can compete in the competition which will continue until March 10, 2020.

The competition for the best water recycling initiative also comes under the slogan ‘reduce, recycle, use’ as part of efforts to conserve and reuse water, as all sectors can participate in the competition, which will last until March 20.

In the renewable energy sector, the competition for the best research project on renewable energy has been launched under the slogan ‘clean energy operation’, with the aim of supporting development and innovation in technology and business models.

All associates of the engineering colleges operating Qatar can participate in the competition, which will run until March 20.

In the field of community awareness and education, Kahramaa has launched three competitions targeting all segments of society through the national program ‘Tarsheed’, including the competition for the best school project on sustainability and energy efficiency under the slogan ‘Unleash your sustainable ideas’ for all school students in Qatar.

It aims to encourage and support innovative creative ideas in addressing the challenges of the sustainable development goals. The competition will continue until March 20.

In addition to the competition for the best artwork from recycled materials to support members of the community in the use of recyclable materials, with a view to educating the community about the importance of recycling, which contributes to achieve the goals of the program in carbon emissions produced during the disposal of these materials, and the competition continues until April 2, 2020.

And finally comes a rationalization competition for the best newspaper article on energy efficiency and renewable energy under the slogan ‘together towards sustainability’ which opened the door for writers and journalists in all local newspapers and magazines in Qatar to participate in articles directed to the public on a topic related to renewable energy and energy efficiency and its role.

Kahramaa invites different groups of society to submit their various work to participate in the competitions where all competitions can be viewed and review the terms and conditions of each competition through the guide portal on the Kahramaa website km.qa/tarsheed.

The winners of the competitions in all its categories will be honoured in the eighth annual rationalisation celebration that will be held in April as a role model in the field of rationalisation of consumption and energy efficiency.

أطلقت المؤسسة العامة القطرية للكهرباء والماء «كهرماء» مسابقات ترشيد السنوية، والتي تعد إحدى مبادرات البرنامج الوطني للترشيد وكفاءة الطاقة «ترشيد» لتشجيع وحث المجتمع والقطاعات المختلفة بالدولة، على تطبيق أفضل الممارسات لترشيد استهلاك الكهرباء والماء وكفاءة الطاقة من خلال ست مسابقات حول تقنيات الترشيد والطاقة المتجددة وتوعية المجتمع.

ففي مجال تقنيات الترشيد تأتي مسابقة ترشيد للأبنية المرشدة في نسختها الثامنة تحت شعار «أبنية مستدامة من الجذور»، بهدف نشر الوعي حول مفهوم البناء المرشد بين جميع شرائح المجتمع، حيث يمكن التقدم للمشاركة للمباني من القطاعات الحكومية، والسكنية، والتجارية، والصناعية، والضيافة، وتستمر المسابقة حتى 10 مارس 2020. كما تأتي مسابقة أفضل مبادرة لإعادة تدوير المياه تحت شعار «قلل، دور، استخدم» كجزء من جهود الحفاظ على المياه وإعادة استخدامها، حيث يمكن لجميع القطاعات المشاركة في المسابقة والتي تستمر حتى 20 مارس المقبل. وفي قطاع الطاقة المتجددة؛ تم إطلاق مسابقة أفضل مشروع بحثي عن الطاقة المتجددة تحت شعار «التشغيل بالطاقة النظيفة»، وذلك بهدف دعم التطوير والتجديد في التكنولوجيا ونماذج الأعمال التي تعزز الطاقة المستدامة وكفاءتها، ويمكن لجميع المنتسبين لكليات الهندسة بدولة قطر المشاركة في المسابقة والتي تستمر حتى 20 مارس المقبل.

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