Xavi to stay at Al Sadd despite Barcelona ‘proposal’

تشافي سيبقى في السد رغم عرض برشلونة


Barcelona legend and Al Sadd coach Xavi Hernandez is not going anywhere, at least until the end of the regular football season in Qatar.

Chased by La Liga giants to take over at Barcelona as a coach this past week, Xavi yesterday cleared the air by saying at a media conference: “I will continue with Al Sadd at least until the end of the season. My goal is to continue until the end of the season.”

Xavi, who took over as coach of Al Sadd at the start of the on-going season, added: “I had a proposal (from Barcelona) but I did not feel that this is the right time (to move). I am more calm now. I did not expect the proposal (from Barcelona).

The last three or four days were tough. Al Sadd is my reality. My focus is here.”

The 39-year-old, who played for Al Sadd for two seasons before accepting the coaching stint of the club, yesterday admitted the last few days were tough on him as his team prepared for the Qatar Cup final today.

“Those three-four days (of speculation) are over (smiles). As a coach, I try to be fair with my players. This is me. My family and my players, I respect them a lot,” Xavi said. “My dream is to coach Barca but this is not the right time. Right now I am with Al Sadd,” he added.

Rizwan Rehmat I The Peninsula

اكد تشافي انه تلقى عرضا من برشلونة الاسباني لتدريب الفريق وكان هناك تواصل من أوسكار المدير التنفيذي وأبيدال المدير الرياضي ولكنني لم اوافق لان من المبكر جدا اقوم بتدريب برشلونة، وبالفعل هو حلم ولكن ليس الان واتمنى التوفيق للمدرب الجديد والذي احبه جدا، واستمراري مع السد اول من علم به كانت عائلتي ومن ثم لاعبي الفريق وكان هذا الامر مهما وان اقوم بمخاطبتهم والتأكيد على استمراري حتى نهاية الموسم وفي حقيقة الامر في الايام الماضية كان هناك عدم تركيز من جانبي نتيجة مفاوضات برشلونة ولكن حاليا تركيزي 100%”.

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