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Thundery rain expected today

أمطار رعدية متوقعة اليوم


Thundery rain is expected in some places of the country Thursday, the Qatar Met department has said. Offshore areas, too, are likely to see thundershowers Thursday along with strong winds and high seas, according to the weather office. The Met department had said in a report on Tuesday that there are chances of scattered rain in the country during the coming weekend, followed a spell of cold weather and strong winds.

On Wednesday, it tweeted that “unsettled weather conditions” are expected to affect the country Thursday and Friday and there is a chance of rain of variable intensity, which may become thundery at times in some areas. “Please be careful, avoid marine activities and stay tuned for latest updates,” it advised.

The detailed forecast says partly cloudy to cloudy conditions are expected Thursday and there is a possibility of scattered rain, which may turn thundery in some places at times. A similar forecast has been issued for offshore areas, too. The wind speed may go up to 24 knots during thundershowers in offshore areas and 25 knots inshore, with the sea level rising to 8ft.

The minimum temperature Thursday is expected to be 12C in Abu Samra, 15C in Wakrah and Mesaieed, 16C in Dukhan, 17C in Al Khor and Ruwais, and 18C in Doha. The maximum, on the other hand, will range from 19C in Abu Samra to 24C in Doha and other places.

Wednesday, a minimum temperature of 10C was recorded in Abu Samra, 11C in Ghuwairiyah, Karana and Turayna, 12C in Mesaieed, Sheehaniya, Mukaynis and Jumailiyah, 13C in Shehaimiya, 14C in Wakrah, 15C in the Hamad International Airport area, Qatar University area, Mesaimeer, Al Khor and Umm Bab, and 16C in Doha (airport area). The maximum ranged from 18C in Abu Samra to 25C in the Qatar University area and Mesaimeer, with Doha recording a high of 24C.

قالت إدارة الأرصاد القطرية إنه من المتوقع هطول أمطار غزيرة في بعض مناطق البلاد يوم الخميس. من المحتمل أن تشهد المناطق البحرية أيضًا عواصف رعدية يوم الخميس مصحوبة برياح قوية وأعالي البحار ، وفقًا لمكتب الأرصاد الجوية. وكانت إدارة الأرصاد الجوية قد ذكرت في تقرير يوم الثلاثاء أن هناك أمطار متفرقة في البلاد خلال عطلة نهاية الأسبوع المقبلة ، تتبع موجة من الطقس البارد والرياح القوية.

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