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‘Made in Bangladesh Exhibition’ in Qatar begins at DECC

افتتاح معرض «صنع في بنغلاديش» بالدوحة بمركز الدوحة للمعارض والمؤتمرات


Doha: Nearly 60 Bangladeshi companies from a wide-range of sector, including food & beverage, IT, apparels and others, are showcasing their products and services at the ‘Made in Bangladesh’ expo in Qatar, a single country trade fair,  which kicked off yesterday at Doha Exhibition & Convention Centre (DECC).

These prominent Bangladeshi companies supply high-quality products and services which are exported to over 100 countries around the world, including Qatar and other GCC countries, where a large number of Bangladeshi communities work and live.   

The three-day long trade and investment event is jointly organized by Bangladesh Forum Qatar (BFQ) in collaboration with Bangladesh Embassy in Qatar, under the patronage of Export Promotion Bureau of Bangladesh. The exhibition is sponsored by Qatar Financial Center (QFC) and supported by Qatar Chamber and Qatari Businessmen Association.

Sultan Al Khater, Undersecretary of Ministry of Commerce and Industry along with Sheikh Faisal bin Qassim Al Thani, Chairman of Qatari Businessmen Association (QBA), and Salman F Rahman, Advisor to Prime Minister of Bangladesh, Sheikh Hasina Wazed, inaugurated the event. 

Rahman, a member of Bangladesh’s parliament and a prominent businessman, who is advising to Prime Minister on for Private Industries and Investment related issues, is   leading the delegation from Bangladesh, bringing with him different government agencies like Bangladesh Industrial Development Authority, Export Promotion Bureau, Bangladesh Economic Zones Authority, Bangladesh High Tech Parks Authority and industry leaders from different sectors; and more than 60 participating Bangladeshi companies.

The event is expected to give companies from both countries opportunity to interact through business-to-business meetings at the venue.  The event opened with focusing on how to foster Bangladesh-Qatar partnership, by way of a seminar with Rahman, Yousuf Al Jaida, CEO and Board member of QFC, and Dr R Seetharaman, Group CEO of Doha Bank. 

Speakers were welcomed by Ashud Ahmed, Ambassador of Bangladesh to Qatar and Iftekhar Ahmad, of BFQ, while concluded by Yusuf Saeed, President of Bangladesh Forum Qatar.

The event is more than a trade exhibition. Visitors can enjoy fashion shows, cultural events and delightful Bangladeshi food. The event is a perfect showcase of Bangladesh in the form of sights, sounds and savory. 

“I hope that the ‘Made in Bangladesh’, which is essentially a single country trade fair, will undoubtedly go a long way in showcasing the Bangladeshi products and services not only in Qatar but also in the whole of Middle East and North Africa (Mena) as Qatar is increasingly becoming a conference and cultural hub of the region largely because of its unusual economic strength and diplomatic clout,” Ambassador Ashud said in his address at the seminar, organized parallel to the expo.  

He added: “Apart from showcasing our exportable goods and tourism attractions, the exhibition is expect to promote our rich cultural heritage and positive image in a region which has a traditional perception of Bangladesh as a labour sending country only.”

He also said that on the sidelines of the expo, Bangladeshi business leaders, both from public and private sectors will have the opportunity of meeting prospective Qatari investors, including QBA and Qatar Investment Authority.

By Mohammad Shoeb | The Peninsula

افتتح بمركز الدوحة للمعارض والمؤتمرات اليوم، معرض “صنع في بنغلاديش”، الذي ينظمه منتدى بنغلاديش- قطر، بالتعاون مع سفارة بنغلاديش في الدولة ويستمر ثلاثة أيام.

وتشارك في المعرض نحو 100 شركة تغطي 18 قطاعا رئيسيا في بنغلاديش تختص بتكنولوجيا المعلومات والطاقة والإسمنت والاتصالات والأغذية والمشروبات ومصايد الأسماك وغيرها.

حضر مراسم الافتتاح سعادة السيد سلطان بن راشد الخاطر وكيل وزارة التجارة والصناعة، وسعادة السيد سلمان إف رحمن، مستشار رئيس وزراء بنغلاديش، وسعادة الشيخ فيصل بن قاسم آل ثاني رئيس رابطة رجال الأعمال القطريين، وعدد من رجال الأعمال من الجانبين، وممثلي الشركات العارضة.

ويشهد المعرض على مدار أيامه الثلاثة تنظيم العديد من الفعاليات الجانبية بما في ذلك عقد لقاءات ثنائية بين رجال الأعمال من الجانبين القطري والبنغلاديشي، وتنظيم الندوات الفنية ومناقشات الأعمال بين قادة الصناعة من كلا الجانبين. 

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