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Dusty wind clouds visibility as weather department warns to be careful

كتلة غبارية تقترب من أجواء البلاد.. والارصاد الجوية تحذر من تدني مستوى الرؤية


Doha: Department of Meteorology has in a series of tweets in the evening warned of strog dust wind and low visibility in many parts of the country.

The department shared a video of dusty wind blowing in Umm Bab, west of the country. “Wind activity is expected to continue until tomorrow, the tweet said.

In another tweet, it said, “Northwest wind speeds now exceed 30 knots” in Umm Bab, adding “please be careful.”

“Please follow health advice during these dusty weather, as the latest observations show the effect of the dust block in the north, and it is expected that its impact will cover most of the regions of the country within the next hour,” said another tweet.

“We observe a noticeable decrease in horizontal visibility in some northern regions,” the department said.

In its daily weather report, the department said weather inshore until 6am on Wednesday “will be blowing dusty to dusty at times and scattered clouds with chance of light rain at some areas by night.”

The department also warned of strong wind and poor visibility in some areas.

Offshore, it will be scattered clouds with chance of scattered rain and slightly dusty to dusty at times, the report added, warning of strong wind with high sea.

Wind inshore will be northwesterly at speed of 12 to 22 knot gusting 28 knot at places at times.

Offshore, it will be northwesterly at a speed of 18 to 28 knot, gusting to 36 knot at times.

Visibility will be 4 to 8 or 2 kilometer or less at some places at times.

Sea state inshore will be 2 to 4 feet rises to 5 feet at times. Offshore, it will be 5 to 9 feet rises to 13 feet at times.

أعلنت إدارة الأرصاد الجوية عن اقتراب كتلة غبارية من أجواء البلاد وتوقعت أن تتأثر بها بعض المناطق خلال الساعات المقبلة.

وحذرت “الأرصاد” من تدني مدى الرؤية الأفقية أحياناً و طالبت بضرورة أخذ الاحتياطات اللازمةخاصة لأصحاب الأمراض الصدرية.

وذكرت عبر حساباتها بمواقع التواصل الاجتماعي أن آخر الصور الجوية تبين اقتراب كتلة غبارية من أجواء البلاد، ومن المتوقع أن تتأثر بها بعض المناطق خلال الساعتين القادمتين، يرجى أخذ الحذر من تدني مدى الرؤية أحياناً و أخذ الاحتياطات اللازمة خاصة لأصحاب الأمراض الصدرية.

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