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Customs foils smuggling of hashish inside household items

الجمارك تحبط تهريب الحشيش داخل المستلزمات المنزلية


Customs officials at Ruwais Port foiled an attempt to smuggle hashish into the country hidden inside wooden household items.

In a video posted on Twitter, customs said that 3.8 kg of hashish was seized during an inspection of a consignment from an Asian country containing wooden photo frames, mirrors and other such household items. The drug was found hidden inside these wooden items.

Customs has been issuing continuous warning against carrying illegal substances into the country. Customs officers are provided with hi-tech devices and continuous training to read body language of passengers and to be aware of the latest methods followed by smugglers.

جمارك الرويس تحبط تهريب كمية من مادة الحشيش المخدرة تم اكتشافها داخل شحنة منوعة قدامة من أحدى الدول الأسيوية تم تهريبها بطريقة سرية داخل مصنوعات خشبية ، بلغ وزن المادة المخدرة (3.8) كيلوجرام.

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