Qatar’s nine projects in international prize contest

٩ مشاريع قطرية مرشحة لجائزة القمة العالمية


Nine leading ICT-related projects of Qatar have been nominated for prestigious World Summit on the Information Society (WSIS) Prizes 2020.

The 18 winning projects and 72 champion projects will be recognised at the WSIS Forum 2020, to be held from April 6 to 9, 2020 in Geneva, Switzerland, according to information on the WSIS Prizes website.

The Ministry of Transport and Communications has also urged people to vote for Qatar’s projects on its social media platforms. The projects which are taking part in the global contest include ‘Centralized Connectivity in the Schools Network’, ‘SafeSpace’, ‘National Digitisation Program’, ‘Metrash2’, ‘Digital Transformation of Small & Medium Business Enterprises’, ‘Government Media Analysis Service’, ‘Better Connections’, ‘Open Data Policy and Portal’ and ‘Multi Languages Electronic Labor Contract System’.

  During the period from July 22, 2019 to November 29, 2019, all WSIS stakeholders were invited to submit WSIS related projects to the WSIS Prize 2020 contest. The list of nominated projects was publicly announced on December 21, 2019 and WSIS multi-stakeholder community has been invited to participate and cast their vote for one project in each of 18 categories. The deadline for voting is January 24, 2020, says the WSIS Prizes website.

Qatar’s nine ICT projects have been nominated in various categories.

‘Centralized Connectivity in the Schools Network’, the project of the Ministry of Education and Higher Education has been nominated in category ‘Information and communication infrastructure’.

‘SafeSpace’ project has been nominated in category ‘Building confidence and security in use of ICTs’. On the website of WSIS Prizes, brief descriptions of all projects and their web links have also been given for voters to evaluate the projects.

SafeSpace is a cyber-safety awareness website and the hub for several initiatives under the cyber-safety section in the Ministry of Transport and Communications. It is built on three fundamental principles: prevention, protection, and empowerment. Its goal is to guide the community of Qatar and the Arab region towards safe use of Information and Communication Technologies.

In ‘Enabling environment’ category of the Prizes, Qatar’s ‘National Digitization Program’ has been nominated. The project seeks to facilitate the digital transformation of the government sector in Qatar by digitizing active and legacy physical documents. The project provides a catalogue of diversified digitization and Record Management services.

Qatar’s iconic ‘Metrash2’ project has been nominated in ‘E-government’ category. Metrash2 is a smart application designed and developed to be the Ministry of Interior’s electronic service delivery channel for smart devices. Metrash2 is based on the Qatari government’s long-term strategy to offer electronic, integrated, and sustained services for citizens, residents, public and private organizations and to make them accessible to all categories of the Qatari community. Metrash2 supports six major languages for a community that accommodates nationals and residents from different countries. These languages are English, Arabic, Spanish, French, Urdu, and Hindi.

‘Digital Transformation of Small & Medium Business Enterprises’ project has been nominated in contest’s ‘E-business’ category. The vision of the program is to enhance Qatar’s SME ecosystem in key sectors through digital enablement by creating value for all stakeholders in Qatar’s digital economy, aligning its strategic goals with Qatar ICT Sector Vision 2022 of leveraging technology to develop a regionally competitive smart economy that improves and promotes ICT innovation with a niche focus on international activity and exports.

Till today, the program has successfully raised awareness on digital adoption among over 5600 SMEs through the execution of over 270 interactive sessions, connecting further over 50 technology enablers’ digital partnerships & government entities in the digital ecosystem with business establishments in Qatar.

In ‘Media’ category of the WSIS Prizes 2020, ‘Government Media Analysis Service’ has been nominated. This is one of the government shared services that is offered to ministries and government departments in order to enable them to listen to and analyze any public e-Content over the internet.

Government departments now can proactively determine the users’ satisfaction about their provisioned services, identify any opportunity to enhance their current services or introduce new services, based on users’ public discussions. They can also respond to users’ complaints, even if the user doesn’t approach the right complaints channel (such as email or call center). Qatari embassies are able to track and analyze news about Qatar in their presence countries. Qatari universities are able to monitor research progress in specific areas, and many others can utilize the service for different use cases.

‘Better Connections’ project is contesting for the WSIS Prizes in ‘E-environment’ category. The Better Connections Programme is a research-based national programme that was launched in 2015 in order to tackle the digital divide that workers in Qatar face.

The Better Connections is based on establishing ICT facilities inside the workers accommodations to minimize the travel time to 0, these facilities are equipped with furniture and donated refurbished computers connected to the internet, loaded with content tailored to their needs in 5 most common languages among the workers communities.

‘Open Data Policy and Portal’ has been nominated in ‘E-science’ category. The Government of Qatar announced the adoption of open government policy in 2014. Therefore, a project was initiated to establish an open data platform that would allow the agencies to release and manage their datasets as well as the recipients to discover and make use of the datasets at a single place in the most efficient manner.

In ‘Cultural diversity and identity, linguistic diversity and local content’ category of the WSIS Prizes, ‘Multi Languages Electronic Labor Contract System’ has been nominated. The project came as part of State of Qatar’s initiative to enhance the level of awareness of expatriate workers of their rights according to Qatari Labor Law and other related legislation.

An Electronic Labor Contract Management System supporting Multilanguage’s (currently 11 major languages) available through different electronic channels locally and globally, provides the expatriate workers an authentic way to fully understand their rights of the contractual agreement terms with their potential employees in their native language.

By Irfan Bukhari / The Peninsula

تم ترشيح تسعة مشاريع رائدة في مجال تكنولوجيا المعلومات والاتصالات في قطر لجائزة القمة العالمية المرموقة لمجتمع المعلومات (WSIS) 2020.

سيتم الاعتراف بالمشاريع الفائزة البالغ عددها 18 مشروعًا و 72 مشروعًا بطلًا في منتدى القمة العالمية لمجتمع المعلومات 2020 ، الذي سيعقد في الفترة من 6 إلى 9 أبريل 2020 في جنيف ، سويسرا ، وفقًا للمعلومات الواردة على موقع جوائز القمة العالمية لمجتمع المعلومات.

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