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All you wanted to know about Qatar National Day

What marks the day?

Qatar National Day marks the date of succession (December 18, 1878) of Sheikh Jassim Bin Mohammed Bin Thani, the founder of the State of Qatar, who ruled Qatar during 1878 – 1913.

He ran the affairs of the country along with his ageing father, Sheikh Mohammed Bin Thani, in 1876. Following the passing away of his father on 18 December 1878, he took over.

What was his legacy?

Sheikh Jassim Bin Mohammed Bin Thani was a military leader, judge and scholar, knight and poet possessing both gallantry and magnanimity. To defend Qatar he fought many wars. Sheikh Jassim Bin Mohammed Bin Thani was born around 1827 and was brought up in Fuweirat North East of Qatar where he learnt the Quran, its sciences, jurisprudence, Islamic law, the arts of equestrian, along with falconry and hunting skills.

He also improved the harbors and shipbuilding to support the pearl trade, till Qatar became the biggest source of pearl in the region and expand commercial relations with India and the countries of East Africa, creating extra employment opportunities and improving living standards for many Qataris. During his reign urbanization expanded and the population increased.

How does Qatar observe the day?

It is a national holiday and most of the public are given the day off from school and work.

Prior to a decree in June 2007, Qatar National Day was annually celebrated on September 3, marking the day of Qatar’s independence in 1971.

This is also a time when people decorate their vehicles with the national flag and other patriotic symbols.

However, be watchful if you violate the rules set by traffic department

What are the major events?

Officials from the Armed forces, ISF, Ministry of Interior, and Amiri Guard and members of the general public parade through the Doha Corniche.

Fireworks, classic car show also feature in the list.

Major happening places

Doha Corniche, Darb Al Saai, KataraCultural Village, Aspire Zone and many other places of public importance are the major happening places

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