A musical treat for anime fans Tuesday at Katara

مفاجأة موسيقية لعشاق الأنيمي هذا الثلاثاء في كتارا

Anime and cartoon fans in Qatar can take a trip down memory lane through a musical concert organised by Qatar Philharmonic Orchestra at the Katara Children’s Festival on November 26.

Led by conductor Giovanni Pasini, the orchestra will perform music from old and new anime and cartoons in various languages, and will team up with Qatar Concert Choir, Qatar Music Academy, Qatari pianist Hala al-Emadi, Japanese singer Itaru, as well as young Qatari talents whose artistic disciplines range from painting to singing.

The idea for the concert came from Mohamed Fakhroo, Marketing specialist at Qatar Philharmonic Orchestra, a member of Qatar Foundation. Fakhroo, who is also the concert’s creator, said the musical event aims to widen the artistic tastes of an audience that will include people from different age groups.

“At Qatar Philharmonic Orchestra, we focus on providing new and diverse programmes that highlight the role of classical music in various artistic fields, whether in animation, video games, movies and others,” he said. “Through this concert, we are seeking to connect classical music with childhood memories, to help us reach more groups in the community.”

Speaking about what the performance will offer, Fakhroo said: “The audience will hear music from some of the most famous Japanese anime and cartoons, such as Pokémon, Astroganger, Ninja and The Wonder Boy. The concert will be a tourist attraction for Qatar, and we are working on making it an annual concert that many institutions in Qatar can join in with.”

Twenty-two male and female Qatari painters will take part in the concert, with their work being displayed on large screens to provide the audience with a visual treat alongside the musical performance.

One of the participants, painter Rashid al-Kuwari, said: “The efforts of Qataris who are participating in the concert will have an active role in its success. It is a great opportunity for me, and for other Qatari artists who will gain experience and the motivation to create their own cartoons in the future.”

Aside from classical music, Qatar Philharmonic Orchestra has previously performed concerts of video game music. It also joined the Japanese embassy in a concert at the closing ceremony of Ajyal Film Festival 2018, where anime and cartoon music were performed.

Tickets for the November 26 performance are available at

سيكون عشاق الأنمي والكرتون في قطر على موعد مع استرجاع ذكريات الطفولة في الأمسية الموسيقية التي ستقيمها أوركسترا قطر الفلهارمونية، في افتتاح مهرجان كتارا للطفل، یوم 26 نوفمبر 2019 حيث ستقدم الأوركسترا مقطوعات لموسيقى الأنمي والكرتون القديم والجديد بمختلف اللغات، بقیادة المایسترو جیوفاني باسیني، ومشاركة كورال قطر وأكادیمیة قطر للموسیقى، وعازفة البیانو القطریة هالة العمادي، والمغني الیاباني ایتارو.

كما سيشهد الحفل مشاركة مواهب قطرية شابة من مختلف مجالات الفن الأخرى، كالرسم والغناء. الشاب القطري محمد فخرو، مخرج الحفل، وصاحب الفكرة، واختصاصي تسویق في «أوركسترا قطر الفلهارمونية»، أشار إلى أن هذه الأمسیة تسعى إلى الارتقاء بتذوق الموسيقى لدى الجمهور بمختلف فئاته العمرية. يشارك في الحفل قرابة 22 رساماً ورسامة قطریة، وستُعرض أعمالهم على شاشات كبیرة، لتمنح الحضور بعداً بصرياً إلى جانب الموسيقى.

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