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Stars of Science innovators put to test in first elimination

خروج أول مبتكر من “نجوم العلوم”

Eight contestants were whittled down to seven as Abdullah Alghaitabi was the first contestant to be eliminated from Qatar Foundation’s edutainment reality TV show, Stars of Science.

During Season 11’s concept prototyping episode, the top eight immersed themselves in a fierce battle with time to answer the jury’s question: “Will it work?”. Defending their prototypes, several contestants excelled in this stage and received praise from the jury. Imadeddine Azzouz was commended on his fast adapting skills; while experts applauded Youssef El Azouzi’s Flow Modulator Stent for reaching a very promising stage of development.

However, a few other opponents were not able to live up to the jury’s high expectations, including Abdullah Alghaitabi who failed to prove his concept. Consequently, Abdullah bid farewell as his Stars of Science journey ended: “Although my time on the show may seem short, I have learned more than anyone could imagine. Having the chance to discuss my idea with some of the best experts in the field was a dream come true. Stars of Science is the first step in my path to develop technologies that benefit women’s health around the world.”

With its unique format, Stars of Science provides inventors with the tools to develop their ideas and take them to the next level. This year, the show emphasises collaboration and networking between current and past innovators. Yesterday’s episode witnessed the return of Fouad Maksoud, alumni and winner of Season 9, where he shared his experience as a former contestant.

Stars of Science will air every Friday on Qatar TV and every Saturday on eight channels across the region, until November 9, 2019. For a full broadcast guide to Stars of Science Season 11, visit www.starsofscience.com.

شهد الموسم الـ 11 من “نجوم العلوم”، برنامج تلفزيون الواقع التعليمي والترفيهي الرائد من مؤسسة قطر للتربية والعلوم وتنمية المجتمع، أحداثاً شيّقة حيث تم الإعلان عن خروج أول مبتكر من المنافسة في الموسم الجديد من البرنامج، وهو المتسابق عبدالله الغيتابي، ليتبقى 7 متسابقين سوف يتابعون المنافسة لاجتياز الجولات القادمة من البرنامج.

ووجد المتسابقون الثمانية أنفسهم في معركة شرسة ضد الوقت في حلقة “إثبات المبدأ”، للإجابة على سؤال طرحته عليهم لجنة التحكيم، وهو: “هل ستثبت فكرة مشروعك؟”، وفي سياق إثبات جدوى اختراعاتهم، استطاع بعض المتسابقين التميز في هذه المرحلة وتلقوا الثناء من لجنة التحكيم على جهودهم.

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