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Qatar Petroleum takes over Idd El Shargi oil fields

قطر للبترول تتولى إدارة وتشغيل حقل نفط العد الشرقي

Doha: Qatar Petroleum today assumed the management and operatorship of the Idd El-Shargi North Dome (ISND) and Idd El-Shargi South Dome (ISSD) offshore oil fields, following the expiry of the development and production sharing agreements with Occidental Petroleum of Qatar for both ISND and ISSD on October 6, 2019.

Qatar Petroleum had previously announced that it would be taking over the operatorship of the ISND field once the related development and production sharing agreement expired and that it was offering employment to all Occidental Petroleum of Qatar (OXY) employees. Subsequent to such announcement, Qatar Petroleum and OXY reached an agreement under which OXY would also hand over the ISSD field to Qatar Petroleum along with the ISND field.

H E Saad Sherida Al-Kaabi, Minister of State for Energy Affairs, President and CEO of Qatar Petroleum, welcomed all of the new employees from OXY to Qatar Petroleum and expressed confidence in Qatar Petroleum’s human capital as being the main driving power behind its continuous successes, including taking over both ISND and ISSD fields.

Al Kaabi also thanked OXY for its efforts and contributions in managing and operating both the ISND and ISSD oil fields for the past 20+ years.

The integration of ISND and ISSD illustrates the development of Qatar Petroleum’s distinctive technical capabilities in operating and managing oil and gas fields.

الت قطر للبترول في بيان إنها بدأت إدارة وتشغيل حقلي العد الشرقي-القبة الشمالية والعد الشرقي-القبة الجنوبية.

وانتهت اتفاقيات التطوير والمشاركة بالإنتاج التي كانت قد أُبرمت مع شركة أوكسيدنتال قطر للبترول المحدودة لكلا الحقلين في السادس من أكتوبر/تشرين الأول 2019.


Qatar Petroleum takes over Idd El Shargi oil fields

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