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Amir watches Barshim winning high jump gold for Qatar

صاحب السمو يشاهد برشم وهو يفوز بذهبية الوثب العالي لقطر

HH the Amir Sheikh Tamim bin Hamad Al-Thani attended Friday parts of the World Athletics Championships Doha 2019 competitions, that were held tonight at the Khalifa International Stadium’s track.

His Highness attended the High Jump competition, which saw Qatari world and Olympic champion Mutaz Barshim win the gold medal.

The competitions were attended by a number of ranking officials, in addition to the large crowds of sports fans.

Qatar’s Mutaz Essa Barshim received congratulations of the Amir he sent the crowd wild on Friday by retaining his high jump title at the World Athletics Championships.

Barshim revealed he had chatted with the Amir after his triumph.

“I felt that (support) a lot from the crowd, from the Amir himself to everyone who came out tonight,” said Barshim.

“I was with him (the Amir) just now. I can’t tell you (what he said) — it’s top secret.”

“Amir was very excited and very happy. He said well done, he is really happy and proud because I delivered on what he wanted.”

For Barshim, it confirmed his return to the top after a serious ankle injury in July last year when he tore a ligament when attempting to break the world record.

“My injury last year could have been career ending,” said Barshim, who only returned to training in April this year.

“You start posing questions like am I ever going to jump again and you start having questions about yourself.

“Now I am just thinking about the future and I am really happy where I am.”

Barshim, who will bid to make it a full house of Olympic medals next year having won silver and bronze, said he had revelled in the pressure of performing in front of his compatriots.

“Of course there was a lot of pressure, but I need pressure to jump,” he said.

“I love competing on a high ground with a strong field so that was my thing to push myself to the maximum.

“It means everything to me I’m really happy to do it here at home.

“To everybody who came out here to support and believed in me I just wanted to do this for them.”

Barshim said the packed stadium

“I could see it in their eyes how enthusiastic they were and how much enjoyment they were getting from it.”

Barshim said the elusive Olympics gold was on his mind but he had other priorities in the immediate future.

“Tokyo is the target of course,” he said. “However, first I need to be fat, to eat as much as I can and to have a vacation!”

هنأ حضرة صاحب السمو الشيخ تميم بن حمد آل ثاني أمير البلاد المفدى بطلنا العالمي معتزم برشم بمناسبة حصوله على الميدالية الذهبية في الوثب العالي ضمن منافسات بطولة العالم لألعاب القوى الدوحة 2019.

وقال صاحب السمو عبر حسابه في انستغرام: مبروك الذهب لبطلنا معتز.

وكان البطل العالمي والأولمبي معتز برشم قد توج بالميدالية الذهبية لمسابقة الوثب العالي والتي أقيمت اليوم ضمن منافسات بطولة العالم لألعاب القوى الدوحة 2019 والتي تستضيفها قطر وتختتم بعد غد الأحد.

واحتفظ برشم بلقبه كبطل للعالم في الوثب العالي والذي حققه في بطولة العالم الماضية في لندن عام 2017 ليتوج نفسه ملكا لهذه المسابقة.

وسجل برشم ارتفاعا قدره 2.37 متر من أول محاولة وبعد ضمان الذهبية، اكتفى برشم ولم يسع لكسر الرقم القياسي من جديد الذي تسبب في إصابته من قبل.

Amir watches Barshim winning high jump gold for Qatar

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