When the football giant cries .. Ronaldo breaks down in tears for this reason

عندما يبكي عملاق كرة القدم.. رونالدو يدخل في نوبة بكاء لهذا السبب

Cristiano Ronaldo was reduced to tears during a television interview with Piers Morgan after being shown footage of his late father he had never seen before.

During an hour-long chat with, the Manchester United legend saw the film of Jose Dinis Aveiro talking of the pride he felt for his son.

Ronaldo was just 20 when his father died of liver failure at the age of 52 after battling alcoholism.

And the Portugal and Juventus superstar couldn’t suppress his emotion as he explained how his dad didn’t live to see his historic achievements in the game.

Ronaldo, crying, said: “I never saw the video. I never saw that video. Unbelievable.”

Asked how it felt to hear his father talking of his pride at his son’s achievements, the former Real Madrid player added: “Yes, a lot.

“I think the interview would be funny, but I didn’t expect to cry. But I never saw these images. I don’t know where you… I have to have these images to show my family.

“But I really don’t know my father 100 per cent. He was a drunk person. I never spoke with him, like a normal conversation. It was hard.”

Ronaldo had only been at Man United for a couple of years when his father passed away and so missed many of the biggest moments of his career.

Those include five Champions League titles, the same number of Ballons d’Or and leading his country to Euro 2016 glory and also the Nations League trophy.

The 34-year-old father of four said: “My family see, my mum, my brothers, even my old son, but my father, he didn’t see nothing, and it was… he died young.”

Ronaldo also revealed he plans to marry his girlfriend Georgina Rodriguez one day, but not just yet.

He said: “We’ll be [married] one day, for sure. It’s my mum’s dream as well. So, one day. Why not?”

Cristiano Ronaldo Meets Piers Morgan airs Tuesday at 9pm on ITV

‘He doesn’t see me receive awards.’

In an emotional interview, @Cristiano breaks down in tears over the loss of his late father and the fact that he never got to witness his son’s success.

Watch the full interview on @ITV on Tuesday at 9pm.@piersmorgan | #GMB pic.twitter.com/LybbJn31VR

— Good Morning Britain (@GMB) September 16, 2019

source: talksport.com

في لقطات مؤثرة ، أطل نجم كرة القدم البرتغالي، كريستيانو رونالدو، على جمهوره وهو يغالب دموعه التي سقطت أمام الكاميرات ولم يستطع إيقافها في مشهد مؤثر للغاية خلال مقابلته التلفزيونية مع الصحفي الإنجليزي الشهير، بيرس مورغان، لبرنامجه “صباح الخير يا بريطانيا”، التي صورها الأحد الماضي، والتي تبثه “شبكة ITV”.

وفاجئ مورغانرونالدو بتسجيل مصور لرونالدو مع والده ليدخل رونالدو في نوبة بكاء قائلا: “لم أرَ هذا الفيديو في حياتي. لا يُصدق”.

وبكى رونالدو متأثرا ، وقال وهو يغالب دموعه: “كنت أعتقد أن هذه المقابلة ستكون مضحكة، لكنني لم أر هذه الصور من قبل، ويجب أن تكون لدي نسخة منها من أجل أن أريها لأولادي وعائلتي، لم أتحدث مع والدي كثيرا، ولم أكن ألتقيه كثيرا، كان مدمنا للخمر، وتوفي وعمري 20 سنة”.

وعند سؤال الإعلامي عن سبب حزنه، قال رونالدو: “أن أكون الرقم واحد (في لعبة كرة القدم) وأبي لا يراني، لم يشاهدني وأنا أستلم الجوائز.. لم ير شيئا مما حققته، والدتي شاهدت، عائلتي حتى ابني الكبير، جميعهم شاهدوا ما أنا عليه الآن”.

وتوفي والد رونالدو سنة 2005، حيث كان مدمنا للكحوليات، وتوفي بسبب فشل في وظائف الكبد، عن عمر ناهز 52 سنة.

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