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أريكة “فريندز” تجوب العالم

More than 15 years after the last episodes of the 2004 series “Friends”, which has continued for ten successful seasons, this series is still alive and watched by millions around the world on the Netflix network, continuing in the brilliance transformed heroes into celebrities , Headed by actress Jennifer Aniston, and even his furniture became icons.

It is expected to witness the distribution of thirty “copies” of the sofa of the “Central Park” cafe, which was bringing together the characters of the famous comedy series “Friends”, on the occasion of the quarter-century since the first show “Cetcom” known, including these cities of Johannesburg and London And Venice.

The series, which debuted in 1994, tells the lives of six friends living in bustling New York City: actors Jennifer Aniston “Rachel”, David Schwimmer “Ross”, Lisa Kudrow “Phoebe”, Matt Lublanc “Joy” and Matthew Perry “Chandler” Courtney Cox and Monica.

September 22, 2019 marks the 25th anniversary of the most successful comedy series in the history of the silver screen.

The success of the work after all these years imposed itself on the broadcasting and production giant, which had to conclude a $ 100 million deal in 2018 with the producer to continue broadcasting, an amount of $ 70 million more than the rights previously agreed upon after the public objected to stop its offer. .

What is the secret of the magic of “friends”?
Many studies have been conducted to examine the reasons for the follow-up of different generations, including those who were a child at the time of his presentation or not yet born, not to mention those who have seen him again and again, and there is no one known explanation no matter how hard interested in art and drama can reveal the secret of this success despite academic studies Production managers, critics and lecturers in this field.

In a serious attempt to explain even a fraction of the reasons for his success, NBC News critic Nicole Spector asked: “What makes this work so successful in making it global in this way?” To Clinical Psychologist and Researcher Dr. Carla Marie Manley.

She replied, “The work may not contain superheroes, but it contains what can be called” supercomputers “, and it offers it in a favorable way, the atmosphere of the series presents the actions” clumsy “as not bad, and that no matter how strangely severe acts of characters full of flaws and foolish actions and mistakes Many are in the diary of life.

“When people see their image in the characters, they feel that they are not alone and they are not eccentric.”

Manley set the example of Joey, from whom one of her clients in the clinic took him to describe his “strange and comical” character, then cited the character “Phoebe” and her funny responses, saying that when people see their actions find some aspects of their illogical characters, they feel that they are not strangers Or isolated.

The researcher went so far as to say that many people who live alone feel less isolated when watching the series, and feel that friends in the series are their friends as well.

Why the series succeeded globally?
The author posed the same question to what he described as “expert friend” writer Kelsey Miller, author of “I will always be by your side,” which quoted its title from the beginning words of the series.

In her book, Miller explained “important cultural points” that made people love the series at the time of the show, and up to the passion of the new generation, she said that television documents the mood in society in all aspects of economic and political and daily events, she added, “During the nineties was the mood around trying to Be balanced, natural and acceptable, and the characters of the series represent all this. ”

“All the heroes of the business had emotional problems, they were looking for love, they aspired to succeed in their business, they had family problems too, but in the end everything was going well,” she explained.

She stressed that these humanitarian issues went beyond the borders of the United States, it was natural to be seen in 200 countries around the world, and often dubbed in the language of the country in which it is displayed.

Miller explained that some kind of “nostalgia” brought the series back to the foreground in 2014, a normal time cycle for “Nostalgia” to the mid-1990s, and pointed out that nonetheless did not stop broadcasting the series of friends since the end of 2004, because it met a lot of what the audience wanted to keep up Such as “famous clothes and hairstyles, and studies went further, it confirmed that people were affected by the way the words of the characters and jokes they were making, and became part of the daily dialogue between individuals.”

Miller explained in her answer that if she wanted to explain success at one point it would be key in the concept of “friendship”, saying “all the work revolves around the value of friendship, and how it is an experience to have friends, even though it is actually not the” charming “way that appeared at work. In the youth, the impact of friends on our lives is greater than anything else.

Source: aljazeera

من المنتظر أن تشهد عدة مدن عالمية توزيع ثلاثين «نسخة» من أريكة مقهى «سنترال بارك»، الذي كان يجمع شخصيات مسلسل “الأصدقاء” الكوميدي الشهير، وذلك بمناسبة مرور ربع قرن على عرض أولى حلقات “السيتكوم” المعروف، ومن هذه المدن جوهانسبيرغ ولندن وفينيسيا.بعد مرور أكثر من 15 عاما على عرض آخر حلقات مسلسل “الأصدقاء” الأمريكي عام 2004، الذي استمر على مدى عشرة مواسم ناجحة، على شبكة نتفيلكس. ويصادف 22 سبتمبر 2019 مرور 25 عاما على عرض المسلسل الكوميدي الأنجح في تاريخ الشاشة الفضية.

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