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Qatar consulate in Hong Kong urges visitors from Qatar to stay away from protest areas

قنصلية قطر لدى هونج كونج تدعو القطريين للابتعاد عن مناطق المظاهرات

QNA / Agencies
Hong Kong: The Consulate General of Qatar in Hong Kong urged Qatar citizens, residents and visitors in Hong Kong to follow local news channels to find out where the demonstrations might take place to avoid them.
The Consulate General asked Qatari nationals to contact them in case of emergency.

Riot police fired tear gas on Sunday at protesters on Hong Kong’s main island, the second consecutive night of unrest in a territory battered by weeks of anti-government rallies.

An AFP reporter saw police fire tear gas at small groups of protesters in the well-heeled Sheung Wan district.

The clashes were short-lived as protesters quickly retreated and moved to join a larger group demonstrators in a separate standoff with police close to the Liaison Office, the department that represents Beijing in the semi-autonomous southern Chinese city.

The Chinese-controlled city has been rocked by months of protests against a proposed bill to allow people to be extradited to stand trial in mainland China and a general strike aimed at bringing the city to a halt is planned for Monday.

أهابت القنصلية العامة لدولة قطر في هونج كونج بجميع المواطنين المقيمين والزائرين لمنطقة هونج كونج، الابتعاد عن مناطق المظاهرات التي تشهدها المنطقة، وتوخي الحذر، وضرورة متابعة موقعها الالكتروني، بالإضافة إلى القنوات الإخبارية المحلية لمعرفة المناطق التي سوف تشهد المظاهرات.

وتدعو القنصلية العامة المواطنين القطريين للتواصل معها في الحالات الطارئة.

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