Xavi asks Valdes to join him in Qatar as assistant coach

تشافي عرض على فالديز تدريب حراس السد

  • Xavi wants his ex-teammate Victor Valdes to join him in Qatar as an assistant coach.
  • The midfielder announced he’ll retire from football to become a coach starting next season.
  • Valdes is currently coaching Moratalaz’s youth team.

Many have named Xavi as Valverde’s potential successor. However, it is very unlikely that the club will offer him the job, as he doesn’t have any experience yet. But the midfield genius is eager to learn and has reportedly asked Victor Valdes to join him in Qatar.

According to Quim Domènech from La Sexta, the 39-year-old wants to work together as coaches before coming to Barca. Allegedly, when he signed the contract with Al-Sadd, he agreed to remain for at least two seasons as the team’s coach after retirement. Earlier the player confirmed that he will soon look to get his coaching badges.

As for the ex-goalie, he is already working as a coach at Moratalaz, a small club not far from Madrid. He is training the team’s youth players and has implemented a football style similar to that of Barcelona. In case Valdes agrees, he could become Xavi’s assistant coach.

Going pretty well for Victor Valdes in first year as a coach. He’s coaching ED Moratalaz U19s and they’re currently leading their league. Went on a 10 game unbeaten run from October to last weekend. Playing today vs Carabanchel. pic.twitter.com/nUdVQ8sO1G

— Navid Molaaghaei (@navidjaaan) February 10, 2019

The players have a good relationship as they have played together at Barcelona since La Masia days. Moreover, both of them seem to have a similar view of how football should be played

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