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HMC hosts summer camp for school students

«حمد الطبية» تستضيف المعسكر الصيفي لطلاب المدارس


Hamad Medical Corporation (HMC) recently hosted a two-week programme, Hamad Summer Camp ‘Amazing’ (HSCA) 2019 for over 60 children aged seven to 14.

Doctors, nurses, labs, test tubes, helicopters, emergency drills, robots, fire safety, ambulances, and a Wellbeing Souq – these are all experiences the attendees were treated to during the camp.

Registration for the camp for the participating children, all of whom have a parent working at HMC, included attendees being fitted and issued with a special Hamad white coat, HMC ID, and code of conduct.

During HSCA, the children observed the same protocols as HMC staff; protection of patients’ rights and acting in a manner that supports the best care always, are among the values promoted.

Held over two weeks from July 7 for children aged 7 to 10 years old and the week from July 14 for children aged 11 to 14 years – the week-long camps began with a full day at Al Wakra Hospital.

Children learned firsthand how a hospital delivers its services and the role, staff play in saving lives and supporting patients and their families. A highlight of the camp was participation in an emergency activation drill.

Fatima Haidar, HMC’s chief human resources officer said the camp’s activities were designed to both promote an early interest in healthcare careers among youth and also to highlight the importance of establishing healthy lifestyle patterns.

“My vision for 2019 is that this year’s camp will be the foundation for a health sector initiative extending to Amazing 2022,” said Haidar.

The main activities for HSCA were hosted in a purpose-built ‘Amazing’ campus inside Hamad Bin Khalifa Medical City’s Bayt Al Dhiyafah facility. Children walking to the camp’s registration desk made their way through a themed arched entrance stepping onto a floor to ceiling ‘lightning bolt yellow’ hallway. This entrance led to the Islamic Golden Age of Science timeline room as well as medical sciences and future technology rooms. There was also a Wellbeing Souq with information about healthy living and eating, a games room, and a working greenhouse.

The summer camps included field visits to the Qatar Rehabilitation Institute and Ambulance Service. This year HSCA has built on the plan to become a health-sector wide event with the involvement of government and private sector stakeholders, including the Museum of Islamic Art, Qatar Foundation, Microsoft Gulf, Qatar National Library, the Ministry for Municipalities and Environment, Gourmet Fruits Company, LuLu Qatar, Qbake, Bakemart, Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf, Gulf Centre, and Doha Import and Export Fish Supplies.

HSCA is built on three key objectives; encourage children to make healthier choices, such as consume less sugar, ask for natural food snacks; share the importance of the work their parents undertake in the health sector; and showcase for the participants, the role they can play in the future of healthcare in Qatar.

استمتع الأطفال المشاركون في المخيم الصيفي السنوي «روعة» 2019 الذي استضافته مؤسسة حمد الطبية، بمجموعة من التجارب في مجال عمل الأطباء، والكوادر التمريضية، والمختبرات، وأنابيب الاختبار، والطائرات المروحية، والتدريب على كيفية التعامل مع الحالات الطارئة، والأجهزة الروبوتية والوقاية من الحرائق، فضلاً عن سيارات الإسعاف وسوق للأطعمة الصحية.

شارك بالمخيم هذا العام ما يزيد عن 60 طفلاً من أبناء موظفي المؤسسة وجرى تزويد كل واحد منهم برداء أبيض، وبطاقة تعريفية، ومدونة قواعد السلوك الخاصة بحمد الطبية.

استمر المخيم على مدار أسبوعين؛ حيث نظم الأسبوع الأول خلال الفترة من 7 حتى 13 يوليو الحالي للفئة العمرية بين 7 – 10 سنوات، بينما نظم الأسبوع الثاني خلال الفترة من 14 – 20 يوليو للأطفال الذين تتراوح أعمارهم من 11 – 14 سنة.

وأمضى المشاركون اليوم الأول من المخيم في مستشفى الوكرة حيث تعرفوا عن كثب على كيفية إنقاذ حياة المرضى. كما تم تدريبهم على كيفية التعامل مع الحالات الطارئة.

وأكدت السيدة فاطمة حيدر -الرئيس التنفيذي للموارد البشرية بمؤسسة حمد الطبية- أن الأنشطة التي شملها المخيم صُممت خصيصاً لتعزيز اهتمام فئة الشباب في مرحلة مبكرة بالمهن المتوفرة في قطاع الرعاية الصحية.

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