Find out the prices and features of “iPhone” new phones 2019

تعرف على أسعار ومميزات هواتف “آيفون” الجديدة 2019

In 2019, Apple is expected to continue offering iPhones in multiple sizes and at multiple price points to provide customers with choice. 2018 brought the iPhone XS (5.8 inches), the iPhone XS Max (6.5 inches), and the iPhone XR (6.1 inches). The two XS devices have higher price tags starting at $999, while the XR is priced starting at $749.

We’re expecting a similar lineup in 2019, perhaps with a continuation of both the iPhone XS and XR devices, with rumors suggesting we’ll see 5.8 and 6.5-inch OLED iPhones along with a 6.1-inch LCD iPhone. We don’t yet know what Apple will call the new iPhones, but iPhone XI or iPhone 11 are possibilities for the iPhone XS successors. Given that naming is up in the air, we’re going to be referring to the upcoming iPhones as the “2019 iPhones” for now.

Rumors about the 2019 iPhones started before the iPhone XS and XR were even announced, and we’ve heard quite a few details on what we can expect. Design wise, the 2019 iPhone lineup will look similar to the 2018 iPhone lineup, but Apple may be planning to use a new frosted glass design for the back of the 5.8 and 6.5-inch devices. The 6.1-inch iPhone, meanwhile, could come in new lavender and green shades.

Apple is expected to continue using OLED displays for the 2019 devices, and while some rumors suggest Apple may go with an all OLED lineup, doing away with the LCD displays of the iPhone XR, other rumors believe Apple will stick with LCDs because of the high price of OLED displays. The new iPhones may be about a half a millimeter thicker.

All 2019 iPhones are likely to adopt upgraded A13 chips from TSMC, Apple’s chip supplier. Chip upgrades typically bring improved performance and efficiency, and the A13 will be no different.

Rumors suggest the next-generation 6.5-inch and 5.8-inch OLED iPhones will feature triple-lens rear cameras, while the successor to the iPhone XR will feature a dual-lens camera with a wide-angle lens and a telephoto lens.

We don’t know for sure what the triple-lens camera setup will look like, but renderings have surfaced suggesting a square-shaped camera bump with lenses arranged in a triangle. A triple-lens camera has the potential to include benefits like better 3D sensing for augmented reality purposes, 3x optical zoom capabilities, up from 2x optical zoom in the 2018 iPhones, and better performance in low light.

We may also see a revamped front-facing TrueDepth camera system, with rumors suggesting either a smaller notch, though information is mixed and at least one reliable source has said there will be no design changes to the notch at all. All three of the front-facing cameras in the 2019 iPhones are expected to be 12 megapixels, up from 7 megapixels in the 2018 models.

Apple eliminated 3D Touch in the iPhone XR, replacing it with a new Haptic Touch feature, and rumors have suggested the same thing could happen in the 2019 iPhone lineup, with 3D Touch set to be removed. Bigger batteries are expected, perhaps to accommodate the new camera technology.

Rumors suggest we’re going to see faster WiFi (thanks to the adoption of WiFi 6) and LTE speeds, and we’re also expecting the new iPhone models to feature a bilateral wireless charging feature that will let them wirelessly charge other smartphones and devices that support wireless charging like the AirPods.

There have been some rumors of Apple Pencil support in the 2019 iPhones, which would allow the devices to work with Apple’s stylus, but we’ve heard nothing concrete just yet.

Keep an eye on this roundup, because we’ll be updating it regularly with all of the rumors about the 2019 iPhones ahead of their launch. We’re expecting to see the 2019 devices debut in September 2019, in line with Apple’s traditional yearly iPhone launch schedule.


تستعد شركة “آبل” الأمريكية بعد أقل من شهرين لطرح مجموعة من هواتف “آيفون” الجديدة لسنة 2019، ضمن مؤتمرها السنوي.

الشركة الأمريكية وبشكل شبه دوري كل سنة تطرح عددا من هواتف “آيفون” الجديدة وبأسعار منافسة ضمن مؤتمرها السنوي، إلا أن تسريبات جديدة أشارت إلى أسعار الهواتف الجديدة ومواصفاتها.

وقام موقع Wccflech المتخصص بالشؤون التقنية بتسريب عدد من المعلومات فيما يخص ميزات وأسعار هواتف “آيفون” الجديدة.

وحسب الموقع ستبدأ أسعار هواتف “آيفون” الجديدة من 989 دولارا وتحديدا لهاتف “iPhone 11R”.

وسيصل سعر “آيفون 11” الى حوالي 1294 دولارا، بينما يبدأ سعر هاتف “آيفون ماكس 11” من 1425 دولارا.

وستتميز الهواتف الجديدة بشاشات OLED، وبأحجام بين 5.8 و6.1 بوصة، وكاميرا بثلاث عدسات موضوعة مع مصباح الإضاءة بإطار مربع على الواجهة الخلفية.

كما أن هواتف iPhone 11 و11 Max ستحتوي على عدسة Super Wide Angle.

أما بالنسبة إلى iPhone 11R، فستكون الإضافة الجديدة هي عدسة تليفوتوغرافيّة.

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