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466 violation reports issued in Al Rayyan

تحرير 466 محضراً وإزالة 233 سيارة مهملة بـ «الريان»

Al Rayyan Municipality’s General Control Section has carried out 711 regular inspection tours and issued 466 violation reports. Out of these, 62 violations were resolved through reconciliation upon payment of the stipulated fines by the violators and 290 reports were referred to the security department concerned to take the necessary legal procedures.

In addition, 617 warning stickers were placed on abandoned vehicles and portable cabins asking their owners to remove them within three days.
A total of 233 of these vehicles were removed by the municipality. The total amount of the collected fines for such violations amounted to QR130,000.

نفَّذ قسم الرقابة العامة، التابع لإدارة الرقابة البلدية ببلدية الريان، 711 حملة تفتيشية دورية.

جرى خلال الحملات حرير 466 محضر ضبط، الصلح لــ 62 محضراً، وتحويل 290 محضر إلى الجهات الأمنية.

كما تم وضع ملصق لـ 617 سيارة وكبائن مهملة، وإزالة 233 سيارة منها. وقد بلغت قيمة الغرامات 134 ألف ريال.

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