Es’hailSat to participate in Arab Radio & TV Festival in Tunis

«سهيل سات» تعرض خبراتها في المهرجان العربي للإذاعة والتلفزيون

Es’hailSat, the Qatar Satellite Company, will be at the 20th Arab Radio and TV Festival being held on June 28-30 in Culture City in Tunis. The annual festival, organized by Arab States Broadcasting Union (ASBU), aims to contribute to the development of Arab radio and television production, enhance its quality and promote innovative and meaningful trends in the industry.

Es’hailSat will be showcasing Es’hail-1, Es’hail-2 and new state of the art teleport. Es’hail-1 and Es’hail-2 are currently transmitting high quality, premium DTH television content from the 25.5 /26 E hotspot. In addition to providing transmission and expansion opportunities for established news and sports channels, Es’hailSat supports niche channels to launch their services within the region.

Es’hailSat’s new teleport which became commercially operational in Q1 of 2019, provide customers with secure and independent satellite transmission. The facility supports satellite TT&C and capacity management together with a wide range of services such as uplink, downlink, multiplexing, encoding, playout and other value added services. The high-tech teleport will also provide back-up studios for TV channels and serve as a disaster recovery facility for customers.

President and CEO of Es’hailSat Ali bin Ahmed Al Kuwari, said: “The Arab Radio and TV Festival gives us the right platform to engage with customers and partners. With the new satellite and teleport operating successfully, we see this festival as an important element in our strategy to attract customers from across the region who value broadcasting independence and high quality of service, to launch their services with Es’hailSat”.

تشارك «سهيل سات» في المهرجان العربي للإذاعة والتلفزيون، في دورته العشرين، اليوم الجمعة وحتى 30 من الشهر الحالي في المدينة الإعلامية بتونس.

وسوف تقوم «سهيل سات» بعرض خدمات ومزايا أقمارها (سهيل1) و(سهيل2) ومحطتها الأرضية الجديدة. وتوفر المحطة الأرضية التابعة لـ «سهيل سات»، والتي تم تدشينها في الربع الأول من عام 2019، خدمات التحكم بالأقمار الصناعية وخدمات دعم الاتصالات والتحكم في السعات القمرية، بالإضافة إلى مجموعة واسعة من خدمات البث والإرسال المتعدد والتشفير.


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