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More than 130,000 visit NMoQ in first month

أكثر من ١٣٠ ألف زائر للمتحف الوطني في الشهر الأول


The National Museum of Qatar (NMoQ) has welcomed more than 132,000 visitors in the first month since opening, “firmly establishing its keystone role in the country’s cultural infrastructure”.

Since opening its doors to the public on March 28, the NMoQ’s immersive experience has attracted thousands of residents and tourists with its use of audio-visual presentations, digital exhibitions, historical artefacts and immersive, multisensory approach, according to a press statement.

The new museum has also hosted several workshops, talks and presentations for members of the community.

From welcoming some of the world’s best-known artists to creating new go-to sites for families, NMoQ has become a destination for those who want to learn about the country and its people.

As the country’s national museum, NMoQ also strives to create a dialogue with members of the community to gather feedback, ideas and recommendations for improving the museum experience.

It held the first ever seminar in Qatar to specifically address the field of Visitor Studies in museums and cultural institutions.

Distinguished international speakers including Jo Hargreaves, director of Morris Hargreaves MacIntyre; Dr Alexandra Bounia, professor of Museum Studies at UCL Qatar; and Dr Karen Exell, senior museum development specialist at NMoQ, gave insightful presentations, and a keynote address was delivered by Professor John H Falk from the Institute for Learning Innovation, Oregon State University.

“After more than a decade of planning, we are deeply gratified to welcome the people of Qatar and our international visitors to this exciting, multi-layered, experiential museum. From the start, Qatar Museums (QM) and the National Museum team knew that we wanted to create a living experience for our people — a museum with a heart,” NMoQ director Sheikha Amna bint Abdulaziz bin Jassim al-Thani said.

“We have created galleries full of movement, sound and colour in order to engage our public fully, with their senses and emotions as well as their intellects, and have assembled creative and authentic content that is so rich that people will discover something new with each visit.

It is now time for the discoveries to begin,” Sheikha Amna added.

As one of QM’s keystone institutions, NMoQ will also add to the flourishing creative environment in Qatar utilising its resources to inspire young creatives.

During the first of what will become a regular series of talks, NMoQ hosted ‘An Afternoon of Inspiration with Jeff Koons’. The interactive workshop allowed young artists to hear about the iconic creator’s experiences as a young artist, share his perspective on issues that concern artists at the start of their careers and get tips on developing their personal styles.

NMoQ artists have also run a series of creative drop-in workshops for families and adults on the theme of ‘Qatar & the Sea’ throughout the month of April.

Taking inspiration from the museum collections, artists guided participants through different techniques and media to create their own art pieces to take home.

NMoQ is designed to become an integral part of the local community for all people of Qatar to enjoy, working with different organisations to create specialised programming to support learning objectives.

For example, the museum hosted Girl Scouts of America Overseas for a tour and activities session, which was the start of the organisation’s specially designed summer programme of activities at the museum.

The NMoQ-designed summer programme will be linked to the themes and topics they are exploring (for example, sustainability) and support them in using NMoQ facilities to run their own exploratory programmes to collect badges.

QM also developed strong ties with local schools through a number of interactive and inclusive programmes, including the Teacher’s Council, and creative teaching materials.

Since the museum opening, 18 schools visited NMOQ to discover its galleries and educational offerings.

Building on QM’s long-standing role as partner to Qatar’s educational institutions, NMoQ educators are also offering ‘welcome tours’ featuring insights into how the topics and themes of the museum can support classroom learning and curriculum development. Schools can now book structured workshop sessions taking place from September.

NMOQ is planning a range of events and programmes to run across the summer, including launching ‘Activity Backpacks’, which children and families could pick up at reception to have access to themed activities related to the gallery they are visiting.

In collaboration with the Friends of the Environment Centre (FoEC), NMoQ will be installing an insect breeding cage in the Natural Environments galleries for visitors to learn about and observe the lifecycle of insects, with FoEC specialists on hand to talk to visitors.

Working with Al Thuraya Planetarium (Katara), NMoQ will launch a programme of in-gallery expert talks and short films connected to celestial navigation and traditional practices.

Later in the year, to celebrate the opening of the NMoQ playgrounds in the fall, the museum will organise a week-long festival of family activities, including drama, film, art and food.

Admission to NMoQ, MIA and Mathaf will be charged at the entrance.

General admission will be QR50 for adults, QR25 for students and free for children under 16, Culture Pass Plus and Culture Pass Family Members, and visitors with disabilities.

Tickets will be free of charge for Qatari nationals and residents of the country, with a valid Qatari ID.

General admission tickets include exhibitions within the museum and are valid for three consecutive days from the date of first admission.

The Museum Pass comes for QR100 and permits admission to all museums and venues, valid for three consecutive days from the date of first admission.

أعلن متحف قطر الوطني الجديد، عن زيارة ما يزيد عن 132 ألف زائر خلال شهر من افتتاحه في الثامن والعشرين من مارس الماضي، في تأكيد على دوره كإحدى المؤسسات الثقافية الحيوية في البلاد.

وقالت سعادة الشيخة آمنة بنت عبدالعزيز آل ثاني مديرة متحف قطر الوطني في تصريح لها بالمناسبة: «بعدما أمضينا أكثر من عقد من التخطيط والتنفيذ في بناء هذا الصرح شكلاً ومضموناً، يسرّنا اليوم ببالغ الفخر أن نرحب بالشعب القطري وضيوفنا من جميع أنحاء العالم، في هذا المتحف التفاعلي المثير الذي يقدم للزائر تجربة متعددة المستويات»، مشيرة إلى أنه منذ اللحظة الأولى، أدركت متاحف قطر ومعها فريق متحف قطر الوطني ضرورة تقديم تجربة حية للمواطنين والمقيمين، منوهة بأن المتحف له قلب ينبض بالحياة، حيث تم إنشاء صالات عرض مفعمة بالحركة والصوت والألوان، تستولي على ألباب الجمهور، وتدفعه للانغماس فيها بحواسّه وعواطفه وذهنه. وأضافت: بنينا محتوى إبداعياً وأصيلاً شديد الثراء، سيجد معه الزائر شيئاً جديداً في كل مرة يرتاد فيها المتحف، والآن حان وقت الاكتشاف.

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