For the first time, 10 companies began organizing flights to Istanbul

١٠ شركات طيران من ٩ دول تبدأ لأول مرة تسيير رحلات إلى إسطنبول

Transport and Infrastructure Minister Kahit Turhan, flights to Istanbul Airport, 9 companies from 9 countries for the first time began to organize flights to Istanbul.

Minister Turhan, Istanbul Airport Reporters Association (IHMD) participated in the opening of the press court minister Turhan, “Three hours of flight in a geography where 60 countries can be reached. There is no such country in the world.” In his statement, Turkish aviation has achieved great successes in national and international fields. In 2002, domestic flights to 26 destinations of two centers were made to 56 destinations out of 7 centers today.

International flights in 50 countries in 2003 with two airlines operating in the international route at the end of 2018, the country reached 124 points in 318 point emphasizing the Turhan, “in the shadow of improvements in 2003, the number of passengers by 34 million 400,000 Breaking record reached 210 million Air transport sector in Turkey grew over 3 times the world average AIRCRAFT number of our 515, while seat capacity has reached 97,000 400. The turnover of the civil aviation sector, 2018 at £ 110 billion, while the number From staff Placed has reached 205 thousand. “Used expressions.

– “If you can’t read the future well, your future is not good.”

Turban’s minister, who holds nearly 300,000 aircraft each day, last year, a total of 68,000,000 passengers used by the Ataturk Airport in recent years to meet the demands of the search point, said:

Although its first phase is fully operational at the beginning of the last month, it operated more than 49,000 aircraft in just 1.5 months. Up to May 19, 1 million 785,000 passengers served on domestic lines, 5 million to 906,000 passengers on international flights, including a total of 7,000,000 691,000 passengers. Large airport in many countries of the world do not host such passengers in one year. See flights to Istanbul Airport, 10 flights from 9 countries to Istanbul for the first time. These are airline companies from China, India, Tunisia, Montenegro, Algeria and Ethiopia.
– “If the killer has a cloud, the plane will never be lowered there”

Last week, due to weather conditions, some airplanes needing to land in Istanbul’s airport were directed to other provinces, Turhan said.

A plane is known as the KB cloud in an area and the pilots are described as & # 39; killer clouds & # 39 ;. Because you take a huge risk, human life is in question. On May 17, there are clouds at the airport and even in Istanbul and some planes are not allowed to land. This is also true for Sabiha Gokzen Airport.

Wow, sir, & # 39; the Chamber of Architects warned that the airport could not be built here, but Lord, the airplanes couldn’t get out of the wind. All who decided to build the airport, those who planned the project, all those who undertook the construction work, architects and engineers, made every risk and calculation. International organizations also follow. Institutions that give credit to such structures also gave credit after making all kinds of risk calculations. Now all the people or structures, the airport can’t see what it would be appropriate to do here, but only saw some opposition groups. We want all the work that is beneficial for our country and we will offer our people the service of our country.

Turhan, despite criticism of the opposition groups in Turkey Istanbul Airport last week’s US monthly travel magazine “Global Traveler” by the “Outstanding Innovation” category, said he was the owner of a special achievement award.


أعلن جاهد طورهان وزير النقل والبنى التحتية التركي، عن بدء 10 شركات طيران من 9 دول تسيير رحلات جوية إلى مدينة إسطنبول، لأول مرة.

وقال طورهان، في تصريح صحفي، إن من بين شركات الطيران المذكورة شركات من الصين والهند وتونس والجزائر، وقد بدأت لأول مرة تنظيم رحلات إلى إسطنبول بعد إغلاق مطار أتاتورك ونقل الرحلات منه إلى مطار إسطنبول.

وأوضح أن الملاحة الجوية التركية حققت إنجازات كبيرة على الصعيدين الداخلي والخارجي، مشيرا إلى أن الرحلات الجوية من تركيا كانت تتجه إلى 60 وجهة في 50 بلدا عام 2003، أما في 2018 فقد وصلت تلك الوجهات إلى 318 وجهة في 124 بلدا، كما ارتفع عدد المسافرين من 34 مليونا و400 ألف عام 2003 إلى حوالي 210 ملايين في 2018، لافتا أن عدد الطائرات التابعة للشركات التركية أصبح 515.

وأكد أن تركيا حققت في الأعوام العشرة الأخيرة نموا كبيرا في النقل الجوي يفوق المعدل العالمي بثلاثة أضعاف.

يذكر أن السلطات التركية أعلنت في أبريل الماضي عن إغلاق مطار أتاتورك الدولي، مع بدء تشغيل مطار إسطنبول الذي يعتبر أكبر مطار في العالم وثالث مطار في المدينة.

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