Rhino Poacher Killed by Elephant and Eaten by Lions

صياد وحيد القرن قتله الفيل وأكلته الأسود

A man suspected of being a rhino poacher was killed last week by an elephant and his remains devoured by a pride of lions at a South African park, officials said.

Rangers at Kruger National Park and other searchers found only a human skull and a pair of pants, the park said in a statement on Friday.

Four of the dead man’s accomplices were arrested, the authorities said.

The man’s accomplices told his relatives that they had been in the park to poach rhinos on Tuesday night when he was killed by an elephant, local officials said.

A search party, including rangers on foot and members of the park’s air wing, searched the area that was described by the family but could not find the body because light was fading, the statement said. Searchers found the remains on Thursday morning.

The managing executive of the park, Glenn Phillips, offered his condolences to the family of the dead man, who was not identified.

“Entering Kruger National Park illegally and on foot is not wise,” he said in the statement. “It holds many dangers and this incident is evidence of that.”

Mr. Phillips said it was sad to see the daughters of the man “mourning the loss of their father, and worse still, only being able to recover very little of his remains.”

Kruger National Park advertises itself as offering “an African safari adventure of a lifetime.” At nearly two million hectares, it is the largest national reserve in South Africa, according to its website, which added that it was home to animals such as lions, elephants, rhinoceroses, leopards and African buffaloes.

Last July, rangers and police officers said that as many as three men suspected of being rhino poachers had been killed by lions at a South African game preserve.

Rhino horn is worth about $9,000 per pound in Asia, driving a lucrative and illicit trade. It is a prized ingredient in traditional Chinese medicine and is considered a status symbol.

“It’s one of the most expensive wildlife products on the illegal market and that’s why these poachers go after it,” Michael Slattery, founder of the Texas Christian University Rhino Initiative, said on Sunday. “The current prices for a rhino horn are anywhere from $15,000 to $50,000 a kilogram. They are seeing dollar signs. It is more expensive than gold and cocaine, so the demand is driving these poachers.”

South Africa is home to about 20,000 wild rhinos, more than 80 percent of the world’s population. About one-third of the animals are owned by private breeders.

Since 2008, more than 7,000 rhinos have been hunted illegally, with 1,028 killed in 2017, according to the South African Department of Environmental Affairs.

The poachers can get more money if they can deliver a complete rhino horn, but to get a full rhino horn they have to kill the animal, Professor Slattery said. Poachers drug the rhinos and then use a machete to “hack away at the face,” he said. The rhinos then bleed to death.

A rhino horn, which is made of 100 percent keratin, or the equivalent of compressed hair, provides no health benefits to humans.

Still, people grind up the horn and use it in a drink in a misguided effort to reduce fevers and cure hangovers, among other things. Rhino horns are also given as gifts, Professor Slattery said.

“That equation pretty quickly tips over to these animals disappearing before our eyes,” he said.


طمعا في اصطياد وحيد القرن، تسلل إلى داخل حديقة كروغر بجنوب أفريقيا، ولكن حظه كان سيئا جدا فقد قتله فيل والتهمت أسود جثته ولم تترك سوى جمجمته وقطعة من بنطلونه.

وقع الحادث عندما دخل الصياد الحديقة الاثنين الماضي رفقة أربعة آخرين بنية استهداف وحيد القرن، وفقا لبيان أصدرته الحديقة الوطنية بجنوب أفريقيا.

وعلى نحو مفاجئ، هاجم فيل الصياد وقتله على الفور، وحينها قرر شركاؤه في التسلل نقل جثته إلى قارعة الطريق أملا في أن يعثر عليه المارة، ثم هربوا من الحديقة.

وفي اليوم الموالي، أخطر رفاق الصياد عائلته بموته. وأُطلقت حملة للبحث عن جثته شارك فيها حراس الغابات، بينما حلق طيران للشرطة فوق المنطقة، ولكن لم يعثر على الجثة.

ويوم الخميس استؤنفت عملية البحث، لتكتشف الشرطة أن الأسود تبعت جثة الصياد والتهمتها ولم تترك سوى الجمجمة وقطعة من بنطلونه.

وفي تعليقه على الحادث، قدم مدير الحديقة غلين فيليس تعازيه لأسرة القتيل، ولكنه نبه الصيادين إلى أن التسلل إلى حديقة الحيوانات المفترسة ليس تصرفا حكيما.

وتعتبر حديقة كروغر منطقة شديدة التحصين، وتوظف حكومة جنوب أفريقيا العديد من الوسائل لحمايتها من الصيد غير المشروع. ومن بينها الطائرات والكلاب وحراس الغابات ووحدة للتحقيق في الجرائم البيئية.

وفي 2016، اعتقلت الشرطة بجنوب أفريقيا 680 صيادا غير شرعي، ومن بين هؤلاء 417 قبض عليهم في حديقة كروغر أو في محيطها.

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