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«Project Qatar 2019» opens its doors to the public

«بروجكت قطر 2019» يفتح أبوابه أمام الجمهور

33 countries, 500 brands – bigger, better Project Qatar kicks off

The 16th edition of Project Qatar, which has brought together more than 500 international, regional and local brands from 33 countries under one roof, was inaugurated by HE the Minister of Commerce and Industry Ali bin Ahmed al-Kuwari at Doha Exhibition and Convention Centre Monday.

The biggest and most diverse edition of the exhibition, being held under the patronage of HE the Prime Minister and Interior Minister Sheikh Abdullah bin Nasser bin Khalifa al-Thani under the theme ‘The Future of Construction in Qatar, showcases the latest innovations, products and services in construction and all related industries.

HE al- Kuwari, along with senior government officials, including representatives from the Qatar National Tourism Council, other dignitaries, and prominent business leaders, toured the stalls at the event which concludes Wednesday.

HE the Minister also visited the 15 official pavilions of participating countries: China, Turkey, Algeria, Germany, Austria, Belgium, India, Iran, Italy, Kuwait, Pakistan, Poland, Romania, Russia, and the UK – the biggest international participation at Project Qatar to date.

Parsons International Limited, exclusive sponsor of ‘Smart District’ at Project Qatar 2019, presented exhibits of various innovations and smart applications deployed in Qatar’s greenfield smart city, Lusail, and the ‘Smart Nation Programme’ to the Minister, who was joined by accompanying delegates and officials at the dedicated product zones.

“Through Project Qatar, the local market and supply chain will stand to benefit from the contributions of more high-quality products, innovative services and the technical expertise from big global players,” said Haidar Mshaimesh, acting general manager, IFP Qatar (event organiser) in a press statement.

“For Qatar’s construction sector, this is a time of opportunity, particularly as the country prepares to deliver the Middle East’s first FIFA World Cup in 2022. We hope that the event will support the future needs of the companies and the professionals that contribute to our construction sector,” he added.

Dubbed as Qatar’s largest exhibition for construction materials, equipment, and technology, Project Qatar has become a platform for global and local construction firms to showcase their latest construction services, products, and equipment, as well as deepen their market presence and forge new business relations with countries of all sizes.

“Ashghal (Public Works Authority) continues to sign new contracts for projects across Qatar including several that will be signed next month to develop infrastructure for citizen-owned land plots and the local road network,” engineer Yousef Abdulrahman al-Emadi, projects affairs director at Ashghal said in speech at the Project Qatar conference.

“Also as part of ‘TA’HEEL’, an initiative we launched two years ago, more than 107 Qatari products have been rehabilitated and 152 local suppliers certified,” he noted.

“In co-operation with Qatar Development Bank, we continuously train Qatari manufacturers, as well as rehabilitate factories and products for non-Qataris, to support their products and the local economy,” engineer al-Emadi added.

Fahad Zainal, chief corporate support officer of Free Zones Authority, delivered a keynote address at the conference followed by a panel discussion with the ambassadors of Italy, Turkey, Germany, and Pakistan.

Discussion will focus on Qatar’s smart cities, iconic real estate developments towards the 2022 FIFA World Cup; and technology and innovation for the future of energy in Qatar.

“Manateq would like to emphasise the importance of developing our private sector and SMEs to achieve sustainable economic diversification for our nation,” said Mohammed al-Malki, chief planning and business development officer, Manateq.

In keeping with Project’s Qatar’s objective of supporting the full breadth of requirements in the sector, professionals in the construction field can develop and enhance their skills through a series of training and workshops certified by CPD London, IMA, and ASTM International, introduced this year.

Informative sessions will run on each of the three days and will include preparing and analysing feasibility studies and the practice of building sciences quality assurance.

With limited spaces available, those interested are encouraged to register as a Project Qatar visitor to attend.

One of the inclusive activities this year is a giveaway program that includes professional tools, safety products, and others, provided by Project Qatar exhibitors.

Project Qatar is open to the public from 12noon to 9pm.

افتتح سعادة السيد علي بن أحمد الكواري وزير التجارة والصناعة، أمس، النسخة السادسة عشرة من معرض «بروجكت قطر 2019»، الذي يعتبر أكبر وأضخم معرض لمواد البناء والمعدات والتكنولوجيا في قطر، فاتحًا الأبواب أمام أكبر وأضخم معرض متخصص في البناء والصناعات ذات الصلة في قطر. وقابل سعادة الوزير ممثلين عن أكثر من 500 علامة تجارية دولية ومحلية من 33 دولة، وزار الأجنحة الوطنية الرسمية التي تمثل دولاً، منها: الصين، وتركيا، وإيطاليا، والجزائر، وألمانيا.

وكان سعادة الوزير قد زار، برفقة المندوبين والممثلين عن الهيئات والمسؤولين، مناطق العرض المتخصصة، بما فيها «جناح المدن الذكية»، حيث قدّم ممثلون عن شركة بارسونز الدولية المحدودة، الراعي الحصري للمناطق الذكية، أمثلة عن العديد من الابتكارات والتطبيقات الذكية المنتشرة في المدينة الذكية المستدامة في قطر (لوسيل)، وبرنامج قطر الذكية (تسمو).

ويشتمل برنامج «بروجكت قطر 2019» لهذا العام أيضًا على عروضٍ حيّة، وعروض تقديمية يومية من قبل العارضين، تعرض أحدث ابتكاراتهم، ومنتجاتهم، وخدماتهم.

ويعتبر» بروجكت قطر» منصة مهمة لشركات الإنشاءات العالمية والمحلية لعرض أحدث خدماتهم للبناء، والمنتجات، والمعدات، بالإضافة إلى تمكين وجودهم في السوق، وإقامة علاقات تجارية جديدة مع مختلف البلدان.

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