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Qatari economic delegation visits Huawei headquarters in Beijing

وفد اقتصادي قطري يزور مقر «هواوي» في بكين

DOHA: Representatives of Qatar’s Ministry of Commerce and Industry (MOCI) along with senior officials, businessmen and CEOs of major Qatari companies have visited Huawei’s headquarters in Beijing, China to gain a deeper understanding of how the latest ICT solutions can contribute to the digital transformation era.

The visit took place on the sidelines of the recently- concluded Qatar-China Business Forum, which was organised by the Ministry of Commerce and Industry in Beijing. The forum brought together government officials and representatives of the Qatari and Chinese private sectors, including Sheikh Nawaf Nasser bin Khaled Al–Thani, Chairman at Nasser Bin Khaled, Ashraf Abu Issa, Chairman & CEO at Abu Issa Holding and Mazen Alsbeti, Group Marketing & Communications Director at Baladna Food Industries, among others.

On the sidelines of the forum, Qatari and Chinese participants signed a number of memoranda of understanding in a bid to enhance cooperation in the fields of technology and information technology, promote the exchange of expertise and technical knowledge and bolster investment partnerships. These efforts will assist the Qatari government in its efforts to build a diversified, knowledge-based economy.

This visit to Huawei’s headquarters is intended to strengthen cooperation between Qatar and China within the framework of the Qatari government’s efforts to attract foreign direct investments into non-oil sectors. By channeling investments into its non-hydrocarbon sector, particularly its industrial, trade, and information technology sectors among others, Qatar seeks to achieve economic diversification in line with its National Vision 2030.

To demonstrate the power of ICT to accelerate the growth of all industries, Huawei gave the Qatari officials and businessmen insider access to their state-of-the-art laboratories and research centers as well as the opportunity to meet with top executives to discuss ICT’s role in driving the development of key vertical sectors. This visit and discussions will help Huawei to better serve Qatar’s national ICT and telecommunication needs in the long-term.

Frank Fan, CEO Huawei Technologies Qatar said, “Huawei is proud to be a key contributor to the State of Qatar’s ICT industry since opening our first office in Doha in 2005, during which time we have consistently brought the latest in technological advancement and innovation to the country. We admire Qatar for its ambitious and progressive spirit in embracing and implementing state-of-the-art technologies and infrastructure nationwide. We look forward to our continued collaboration with MOCI and working together to make a deep contribution towards the success of Qatar National Vision 2030.”

Huawei is one of several fully-owned Chinese companies with a license to operate in Qatar. Chinese companies that choose to establish a presence in Qatar can tap into a multitude of investment opportunities through development projects being undertaken within the framework of the Qatar National Vision 2030 and ahead of preparations to host the 2022 FIFA World Cup. In addition to being offered up to 100 percent ownership across various industries, Chinese companies may benefit from Qatar’s strategic locale between East and West to expand their businesses to regional markets while enjoying the freedom of transferring capital to and from the country among other incentives. These include an advanced network of free zones and logistics and industrial areas in line with the highest international standards.

زار وفد قطري يضم ممثلين عن وزارة التجارة والصناعة القطرية ومسؤولين حكوميين ورجال أعمال ورؤساء تنفيذيين لشركات قطرية كبرى، مقر شركة «هواوي» في مدينة بكين الصينية؛ للتعرف على أحدث الحلول في مجال تقنية المعلومات والاتصالات، ومناقشة سبل الاستفادة منها لدفع عجلة مسيرة التحول الرقمي لشتى القطاعات التي يمثّلونها في قطر، بما يتماشى مع الخطط والاستراتيجيات الوطنية ورؤية قطر 2030.

تمت الزيارة على هامش منتدى الأعمال القطري الصيني الذي نظمته وزارة التجارة والصناعة، مؤخراً في بكين، والذي شارك فيه طيف واسع من المسؤولين الحكوميين وممثلين عن القطاع الخاص من الجانبين القطري والصيني.


وعلى هامش المنتدى، وقّع المشاركون من الجانبين عدداً من مذكرات التفاهم التي تستهدف توطيد أواصر التعاون في مجالي الاتصالات وتقنية المعلومات، ودعم تبادل الخبرات والمعرفة الفنية وتعزيز الشراكات الاستثمارية التي تساهم في دعم مساعي الحكومة القطرية الجادة للانتقال إلى عصر الرقمنة وبناء اقتصاد متنوع قائم على المعرفة، من خلال مواكبة أحدث التطورات التكنولوجية والاستفادة القصوى من الحلول والمنتجات التقنية لتحفيز عملية التنمية والتطوير في البلاد.;

Qatari economic delegation visits Huawei headquarters in Beijing

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