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Qatar Airways to launch ‘ IATA Diversity & Inclusion Awards’

«القطرية» تطلق جوائز الشمولية بالتعاون مع «إياتا»

Qatar Airways has partnered with The International Air Transport Association (IATA) for the launch of the ‘IATA Diversity & Inclusion Awards’, which promote greater gender diversification in the aviation industry. The airline has committed to supporting the awards for the next ten years, as it recognises the need to encourage women to succeed and excel at all levels of the industry.

IATA has created three categories of awards: Inspirational Role Model, High Flyer, and Diversity & Inclusion Team. Each category comes with $25,000 in prize money payable to the awardee or their nominated charity working on diversity and inclusion projects.

Qatar Airways Group Chief Executive and Chair of the IATA Board of Governors (2018-2019), Akbar Al Baker, said: “Qatar Airways recognises the need for wider diversity in the work-place, not just in our airline but across the industry as a whole, which is why we are delighted to have this opportunity to reward individuals and teams who are going against the trend and proving that diversification is the way forward for aviation. We see this as a long-term project and look forward to working hand in hand with IATA for the next decade continuing to encourage greater inclusion and diversification in the airline community.”

IATA’s Director General and Chief Executive Officer, Alexandre de Juniac, added: “Aviation is the Business of Freedom. The essence of aviation is building a global community by connecting people, businesses and cultures across great distances.

“Ten million people work in the aviation industry to make this happen. It is important that this workforce reflects the amazing diversity and inclusion that it fosters in our society. By launching these awards, we want to recognise and celebrate the great work that is being done to take the industry into the future.”

Nominations for the awards are open on the IATA website from February 26 until March 31, 2019. They will be judged by an international and independent panel of experts.

The first of these annual awards will be presented at IATA’s 75th Annual General Meeting and World Air Transport Summit to be held in Seoul, South Korea (June 1 to 3, 2019).

The Inspirational Role Model Award will be presented a female (30+) who holds a senior position within the industry who has had a significant impact on the aviation agenda through her strong contribution to business delivery, as well as her ongoing support of promoting diversity. This award is open to all female participants in the aviation industry.

The High Flyer Award is designed to recognise a female under 30 who has started to grow their career, and is demonstrating thought leadership in the industry through their inspirational work. This award is open to all under-30 female participants in the aviation industry.

The Diversity and Inclusion Team Award has been created to give recognition to an airline that has seen a tangible change in their diversity as a result of the work they have been doing in diversification and inclusion.

أعلنت الخطوط الجوية القطرية، بالتعاون مع الاتحاد الدولي للنقل الجوي «إياتا»، عن إطلاق «جوائز إياتا للتنوّع والشمولية»، التي تشجع على التنوع بين الجنسين في بيئة قطاع الطيران، وأعلنت الناقلة التزامها بدعم هذه الجوائز عشرة أعوام مقبلة، وذلك إدراكاً لأهمية تشجيع النساء على النجاح والامتياز على جميع المستويات في القطاع.

وأطلق «إياتا» ثلاث فئات للجوائز، وهي: جائزة نموذج ملهم، وجائزة نموذج استثنائي، وجائزة فريق متنوع وشامل، وسيحظى الفائزون أو المؤسسة الخيرية التي تعمل على مشاريع التنوع والشمولية بجائزة قدرها 25 ألف دولار أميركي عن كل فئة.

وتم فتح باب الترشح للجوائز على موقع «إياتا» الإلكتروني اعتباراً من 26 فبراير 2019، وسيغلق في 31 مارس 2019، وسوف تقوم لجنة مستقلة تضم خبراء من شتى أنحاء العالم باختيار الترشيحات الفائزة، وسيتم الإعلان عن الفائزين بالنسخة الأولى من هذه الجوائز خلال أعمال الجمعية العمومية الـ 75 للاتحاد الدولي للنقل الجوي وقمة الطيران العالمي، التي ستقام في مدينة سيئول، كوريا الجنوبية، من 1 حتى 3 يونيو 2019.;

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